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Comment Re: Standard M.O. (Score 1) 148

The Grand Jury does not make a determination of the defendant's guilt or innocence. All it does is determine if they should go to trial. Since too often they are the prosecutor's hand puppets, the NYC and Ferguson Grand Jury results simply mean that the Prosecutor's office decided to give the cops a pass. If you think it was because they were not, even misguided, is a wonderful thing to see

Comment The real fix should be (Score 1) 286

that instead of white striping off an entire space, you white stripe the 3 feet of access area needed in front of the hydrant so the hose can be attached to the hydrant (in other words, change the alignment of the adjoining spaces ...|...........|X|..........|... instead of ...|...........|XXXXXX|...........|...

Comment Does the GT club have a list of alumni members? (Score 2) 89

I would start with asking them for money... and the local GT hams... and the GT alumni at local ham clubs, of which there are many in the Atlanta area.
However, I think that this will prove to be a white elephant, IMO. I would think long and hard before accepting this gift, unless you can ID a buyer.
Advertising on at a steep discount off of list price may get some money for the club.
Make certain you actually have a plan on how and where to use, and plan on some expenses for the accessories that go with the tower if you actually try to implement it.
73, Dave N4DJS

Comment Re:Regulations? Get real. (Score 1) 473

I think another big part is that many families have smaller amounts of discretionary income now. Last I heard, it was ~$10K to get through ground school and instructor time for the Private Pilot license. That, combined that the only 'affordable' airplanes are 40 year old Cessna that are needing an overhaul, or kitplanes, which require 50+% owner build and a substantial time investment, have killed off GA for most people. -- I just laugh when I see the 'speed enforced by aircraft', BTW...

Comment Re:This was understood in Engineering projects too (Score 3, Insightful) 108

Or as a slight step up....there is NO chance that America could build a Saturn V rocket these days. It was a great workhorse, but so complicated that the loss of a few percent of the drawings, and the number of engineers that worked on it that have retired or died means that reproducing it is impossible now.
          In any case, as for the loss of data...that IS a problem. Back in the Olden Days, before someone decided that the computer, with its amazingly fluid and ever-changing methods of storage were the answer to saving data, much of it was printed on paper and tucked away in libraries. Is that still a workable solution? I do not know, but, I do know that when one is trying to store information for a long time, it HAS to be in the simplest and most durable medium and format available.

Comment Another reason we get multi-vitamin tablets. (Score 1) 554

Greetings and Salutations;;;
          Some years ago, I was diagnosed with Hep C. My G.I. Dr. put me on a fairly minimal number of medications, but, specifically included a daily multivitamin tablet in the list. Since I have always tried to eat as healthily as I could, I suspected then, and, still think, that PART of the reason for this was to make me feel that he was really doing ALL he could to mitigate the effects of the disease. By adding a multivitamin to the mix, it was one more pill, that did not cost much of anything at all (A bottle of 450 tablets at Sam's Club is less than $25), would not do any harm, and, might help ensure that the necessary vitamin levels were maintained even if I was lying to him about my diet. So...a win/win for everyone.
          I am sure that we both knew that if the tablets were pumping too much of a given vitamin into my system, that the excess would likely get excreted fairly rapidly.
        Pleasant Dreams
        Bee Man Dave.

Comment Re:As an outsider. (Score 1) 559

This is a good point. Also, to say it was "hurried" is an understatement. This is definitive proof that one cannot take a project that usually would take a couple of years to create and test, and crank it out in eight months, then, expect it to work. As far as I can tell, the front page is the only thing that works reliably in the entire site. That will get fixed, but, it will take more than a couple of months. I expect it will not stabilize for a couple of years - and that assumes that Congress does not start stirring things up and requiring changes.
          pleasant dreams

Comment Re:As an outsider. (Score 2, Insightful) 559

I believe this post IS "ethanol fueled", as it is certainly not the work of a sober person. There is at most, ONE correct statement in it. For example - The ACA limits the amount that insurance companies can crank up rates, and so will likely cut the huge profits they have been collecting. It also makes it impossible for the insurance companies to "cherry-pick" customers, and, only provide policies for the healthy folks who do not need them and will not put in a claim. It also stops the insurance companies from dumping sick folks that are going to require payouts.
          It is true that as a part of it, the act provides for subsidies to make an insurance policy that actually is helpful be affordable to the poverty-stricken. However, your somewhat racist remark about the trips to the emergency room are not relevant. First...a huge percentage of the people being helped by this are the working poor - like the "sales associates" at Walmart, who make so little they qualify for food stamps. These subsidies will make it possible for good, hardworking Americans to get adequate health care and NOT end up bankrupt in the process. Now, about Jamal.. Apparently you do not realize that (assuming you have insurance) you are already subsidizing the trips to the ER by gang-bangers. Hospitals in America are required, by law, to treat everyone that shows up at the ER, regardless of their ability to pay. So..the hospital simply cranks up the cost for the folks that DO pay to cover these folks. With the ACA, there is a much better chance that everyone that shows up will have insurance, and be able to cover some or all of the cost of their treatment.
          Your comment about the rich is probably the only accurate and correct statement in this post. Your comment about the government being exempt is far from true. As a matter of fact, they are REQUIRED to go into the exchanges to get insurance, unlike the rest of us that have a choice. Here is a decent analysis of the whole situation:
          Finally, the government has NO control over the insurance companies canceling policies. The fact is that the policies that are getting dumped are the junk policies that cover nothing, and are nothing but profit centers for the insurance company. The ACA's requirements for amounts to be spent and such make these unprofitable, so, the insurance companies are dropping them. However this has little or nothing to do with the ACA. The companies were doing this on a yearly basis for decades, in an attempt to force customers into higher profit policies. not blame the greed of the insurance companies on the Government. Also, your opinion about premium amounts is meaningless, since these folks are likely to qualify for subsidies. So far, the reports that have come in that have been verified as true show that the monthly cost of insurance has either stayed the same (but, with much better coverage), or dropped quite a bit.
            Just because you do not like Barak (the CORRECT spelling of his name), for whatever reason, is no call to lie and spread mis-information.
          pleasant dreams

Comment Re:What will we do ? (Score 2) 330

Ah yes! Palace....that was a great chat environment. It was quick, and, offered the opportunity for some really creative constructs for chat Palaces. It was a shame that it actually required people to interact, as that is a real weakness with most of the geeks that hung out in it. Get away from the one or two, tech-related things they were happy with, and, there was just nothing to say. In any case, The last time I checked, there were still a few Palace servers still online, although, I hung there for quite a while with NO other folks showing up.

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