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The Media

Journal Journal: empathy and apathy

i'm a muslim. i live in a country with 100% muslim citizens. and i've been stigmatized. why? because i'm a muslim. because some fanatics ( btw which religion in the world doesn't have any of those ) killed 6000 americans. and now we, those who live in a much more open world has to face the burdens of being categorized with fanatics. there was some laughable news today that CIA has identified terrorist bases inside our country. to my knowledge only two bases occupy our country and those belong to our military. and the nearest military base except those is an american base on an island formerly belonging to our country. and i hate this whole thing. because i don't share my views either with the americans or with the afghans. the americans, especially those right wing republicans are just hyping it all up to gain popularity. and the afghans have their own propaganda machines to drive this whole thing to the edge. i don't want anybody to die. i dont' want children to starve. i don't want women to live in deprived lives. i want freedom and both of these "factions" take them away from me. right now i won't be able to go to any western country without getting fucked up at the immigration.

who understands me ? who wants to understand me ?

User Journal

Journal Journal: void foo(void)

still nothing. blank. my life seems empty.
i shouldn't probably say this since this will be going into my permanant records(baaah.. who cares). but i feel depressed. of waiting for too long. waiting for something to happen. now it seems that it never will. i lie empty. devoid of human touch. of society's symapathy. she keeps whispering in my head. make me sad. make me mad. make me feel alright. make me sad. make me mad. make me feel alright. make me mad. make me sad. make me feel alright.

just STFU ! .

trying to get this new project going. a database/frontend for a travel agency. hoping to finish it by december. would be nice if we could. because there is a lot of money involved. and it's all right here right now. no time for waiting. if we wait too long the market will get saturated with stupid VB stuff.

i'm feeling sleepy. 12 minutes to finish work. counting he clock. i don't enjoy it here. i just stay here to work myself thru. if i have to talk about this they shoudl allow the html rant tag or something. 9 more minutes. i'm dozing off.
sleep tight
User Journal

Journal Journal: nothing at all

nothing to do at work today .. sheesh is this work ??
anyway .. thinking of doing some kind of kde work
trying to find something interesting to do
any itches to scratch ??

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