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Comment Re:An anecdote from an older millennial (Score 1) 511

well, this is hard to say, but I looked at your portfolio. You seems to be doing fine now, so perhaps you are still not satisfied? Heck, I believe someone else would have been satisfied being in your current position. As "most" art major graduates can barely get pass their minimum requirement to live. Forgot about retirement for them.

First thing first, you graduated with degree. Congratulation, except like most degrees the paper is mostly worthless, so don't count them in after your first few jobs. How to know the degree's worthlessness? Try to think of one thing that you can reuse that came from the degree. None? It is worthless. You on the other hand can be better than that piece of paper.

If you are still unsatisfied with your current incoming, then you need to upgrade your worth. That is making yourselves worthy in the eye of an employer or client.

Here's a tip for the approach to upgrade your worth. You work on arts a lot. If you have an afternoon free time to make something that you can sell, what will you make? Can you convince a costumer to buy it? If you have a hard time finding one or selling it, it means you that's the area you need to improve. Not to mention, you still have areas that can be improved.

Remember only you can alter your future. Only you can prove yourselves wrong. Do update your portfolio with everything you've improved over the years, and only leave items you feel still worthy of presenting you.

Good luck

Comment Re:Yes but (Score 1) 697

He is an engineer. But he didn't say he's a registered/ unregistered / official/ unofficial/ practicing / not practicing / civil / electrical / software / science / industrial / computer / oregon / out of state engineer.

Also, if "declaring yourself an engineer is a violation of the regulations in most states", engineer visitors are surely fined and kicked out when they have to answer "what are you working as?" at the boundary gate.

This is just another stupid case. Whoever has more money will win this.

Comment reward: short term vs long term (Score 1) 110

5. Consumers have to return broken device or re-purchase cheap IoT until they felt it is no longer worth constantly replacing broken device. Lowering the demand for IoT device.
6. IoT developers have to constantly replace broken device until they either drop the IoT design, update security or face bankruptcy.

they may sell more IoT device in the short term, but overall they will fail to profit in the long term.

Comment Re:Unemployment (Score 1) 510

You're right. It does sound crazy that you said "most people actually like to work".

But reality like Facebook proves it to be more general. It's not exactly people like to work, but people like to do something when they are bored.

The whole city with people staring at their phones and walking into other people, you can guess what happens when they don't work. That's right, more phones staring or the correct terminology is looking for something to resolve the boredom.

Here's the twist. If searching, studying, and working resolve some of their boredom, those people would start doing them. Famous inventors and scientists are those type of people. It may be 1 in a 1000, but the UBI is a plan to see if it could do just that.

Comment Re: If he gets busted... (Score 1) 88

They won't know why it got bricked except for one thing, that "It was cheap". When the consumer find that the reliability is no longer worth the cheap cost investment they've added, they will start to look for other more reliable IoT, which in this case it would be more secured IoT that doesn't brick.

This happens a lot in Mainland China. One example is when they found out the cheap baby formula were poisonous. It caused a rushed in to buy high cost and high quality baby formulas while dropping cheap baby formulas.

Comment Re:Look at Android (Score 1) 84

Take a look at Android, it's a very scammy surveillance OS.

True. It does have a lot of ops-in.

1. Your location is transmitted to Google, together with surrounding wifi settings. They do this with a popup that appears whenever you turn on GPS, it asks you if you want to improve location accuracy, in actuality it's tracking the surrounding wifi spots and matching them against the GPS location your phone records. The dialog is written so you think you need to say yes to get GPS to work, but you can say no and GPS still works. It always appears, all the time, until you say yes, and then it doesn't popup again, quietly tracking your location and watching your nearby wifi hotspots. You cannot say 'no, never' the dialog will keep pestering.

False. Your location is transmitted to Google, but it doesn't stop you from using it without GPS turned on. You can say no. It should be obvious when your location is very off or the app doesn't work.

2. Google Play Store, if you try to disable or remove this, it will remove every app you installed from the playstore at the same time. Google play store provides Google with your credit card linkage, and real id, to the location and search surveillance it does.

False. You can disable or remove Google Play Store and it will not remove every app installed from the play store. However, it will very likely break a number of apps depend on the play store and google services behind it. In addition, standalone android apps can be backed up and reinstalled without play store interruption.

3. You cannot remove the required google account and keep the apps you installed.

False. You can remove the required google account and keep the apps you installed. However, apps depend on your account may malfunction.

4. Android now INSISTS on a telephone number for Android device registrations.

False. Android can be ran without a telephone number.

5. Google changes the privacy terms frequently, it popups says "action required" and if you refuse to say yes to whatever privacy invasion they've introduced, the alternate options are to delete your Google account (and uninstall every app you installed, see 2). This is false, you can simply ignore the demand to accept the change of terms.

True. Google and other companies reserve the right to change their ToS. There are one time events that you will get a notification for "action required" on your google account if you created a google account on the android phone. the "action required" is usually associated with account verification, account safety, etc.

6. Did you agree to backup the phone? That pester message that pops up regularly that you can't tell "no never' to? You just gave Google the password to every wifi network and business server you ever used. Compromising a lot of data.

They present a set of information in a privacy dashboard that is a tiny subset of the information they actually record. All pages visited with Google stats and Google adverts, and Google content served are also known to them and recorded by them. Your Youtube viewing is recorded even when logged out using browser profile id. Same with Google search, it persters you to login, but if you don't they still record the searches you make against the browser id to cross link for when you eventually do login.

True. Any information backup-ed to cloud do include compensation on privacy. This includes backup to Microsoft, Apple and Google cloud. Also using google services will have data recorded by google.

Really, Duckduckgo for search and avoid them like the plague and they'll still have a mass of tracking information on you. You cannot opt out of this, they present it as the price for having an Android device.

Google are surveillance-ware shit.

True. but not from the FUD you've stated.

Comment Haters (Score 1) 312

Haters gonna Hate.

Clickbaits gonna Clickbait.

Is Social Media Making Us Hate Each Other?

The answer is still no. It does encourage us to "hate others", but not "each other".

You want science to back this up? Too bad, you're gonna need to search more for yourselves. But here's the thing, we humans don't work well in mass. We humans work well in groups, but not in mass.

Have you seen lions having their own family while (almost) killing off other lions? They work well in groups, but they can't have too many lions or they have conflict. We humans do the same.

society today basically put a large number of people into the same box and space, while you asked for or not. So it formed a mass. That's why people in rural are often happier compare to those in the cities, because those in rural feel as they are in a group rather than one person in a mass. The internet media is the same. Forums with fewer traffic have groups that are happier compare to those media filled with mass of people.

It is possible to change that by making the mass of people into a like-minded group. But on a Social Media? Forget it, just let the companies fix themselves or until their greediness explode.

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