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Comment Re:Sounds like a genius to me. (Score 1) 332

(Sorry to reply to my own .. this comment just seems to belong here)

Have you heard/read about liberal versus conservative developers?
It sounds like the submitter is conservative and his "sloppy" co-worker is liberal.
I myself am liberal, as are apparently many of the people who have commented here.
I value the conservatives and am happy that they are willing to clean up my style and diagrams, leaving me to forge ahead with pioneering work!

Comment Sounds like a genius to me. (Score 1) 332

You make it sound like he's doing dangerously bad designs and implementations, but I suspect this is just a war over style.
The way you describe your co-worker, it sounds like he is highly productive. Why are you against this?
Bottom line: does it work? I couldn't care less if it is ugly ... results speak volumes.

Comment Ping times are long, but too optimistic. (Score 0) 245

Ping times of 600 msec are nearly impossible when you're going through a geosynchronous satellite. Each trip to the satellite and back takes 230-278 msec, and any kind of channel access eats another 40 msec or so, in each direction. If you take the satellite round trip as 250 msec, that adds up to 580 msec with no buffering. In real life, with other subscribers contending for the channel, I'd expect ping times to be 2-3 seconds.

Comment Re:Better hack would be a better battery (Score 1) 199

I wouldn't say designed to fail, but it does seem that the Leaf is not designed for its batteries to be replaceable.
Given the cost constraints, the engineers picked their battles.
If the electric car catches on and attracts sufficient competition, the free enterprise system will give us better batteries.

Comment Extra capacity is on purpose (Score 1) 199

Originally, the Leaf's battery meter was more accurate. Zero really meant zero.
One of the first problems reported by new Leaf owners was that they would run out of power while on the road, because they were expecting the meter to work like a typical gas meter, where zero means "fumes", with a few miles to spare.
There was a firmware upgrade, I believe in May 2011, that changed the meter so that zero means about 10 miles. Also Nissan recommends that you only charge to 80% capacity, for increased battery life.

I have never let my Leaf get as empty as zero bars, although sometimes it gets as low as one bar.
A more precise meter would be nice. I'd like to see a one-percent resolution. But I'm happy with it lying a bit about the capacity, because I don't want to be stranded, and I don't want to discharge too deeply. Since I drive over 60 highway miles daily, I do give it 100% charge, which isn't the best. When I get a charger at work (perhaps one of the converted cables mentioned in the article) I'll be able to drop the charge to 80% and extend the battery life.

Comment Re:I own one of these... (Score 4, Interesting) 180

And the vehicle NAV screen displays an annoying message EVERY SINGLE TIME you start the car, explaining that it will be transmitting your location data and requires you to press a button on the screen to "agree" or "disagree." I assume if you disagree it won't send anything.

Mod parent up.
The LEAF has an RSS reader that reads (text to speech) the selected feed. I don't have any idea why they provide the location data to RSS feeds, but it is an opt-in system.

Social Networks

Submission + - Facebook to Buy Skype? (mashable.com)

Krnl678 writes: Two reliable sources say Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is talking to Skype about either buying the company or forming a joint venture, according to Reuters.

Comment What copyright holders? (Score 4, Insightful) 241

The Brian Proffitt blog spells it out nicely. The bionic library has standard header files. That's the API definition, not copyrightable sorry. So, even though glibc has very similar header files, using the same names and everything, Bionic did not steal anything from glibc. They simply implement the same API, so they must, by definition, have the essentially the same header files.
Nothing to see here, move along. But before you do, read the blog. I'd score it a 5 if it were on slashdot.

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