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Comment Re:Apple brings out the crazy in people (Score 1) 1118

Trust me after having to have 2-XT2's need motherboard replacements in the last year (One of which took Dell 6 months and 4 trips to the depot before they got it right. . . and I told them what needed replaced from day one) and an XT one needing some other hardware replacements, and working with Dell's steller Repair Depot. . . . I'm so not getting a Dell.

Comment Re:Not bad (Score 1) 1118

To be fair, it still doesn't do what the iPhone 4 does, exactly. And the GGPs post is acting like developers won't develop apps with the new hardware enhancments in mind because it might alienate the ipad 1 owners. This happened with the phones, it will happen with the iPad. Heck it happens with computers when the OS or hardware changes. The GGP post is stupid.

Comment Many vs. one. . . (Score 1) 550

OK, I'm tired of people acting like Android isn't locked down to the end user as much as the iPhone is. The only real difference is The phone/OS manufacturer locks down the phone, and requires a jailbreak to get it out of this state, for iOS devices, and Android based devices are locked down by each and every one of the service providers instead, and still require a jailbreak to get it out of this state. Oh, and. . . . Since when is it a news story when an OS, that is on many many difference models of phones, each with different features, and appeal to difference people shouldn't have higher market share than an OS that is on one phone. One phone. Make a big deal about it if any other single phone sells more than the iPhone, and it might mean something.

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