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Submission + - The Call For A Free Culture Funding Platform (thesilentnumber.me)

shadowmage13 writes: "Free culture has made a lot of great progress, but there it still a ways to go in order to take on business models based on keeping copyright's "all rights reserved". Currently, the Software Freedom Conservancy exists as a fiscal sponsor for free software projects, but is a a ubiquitous funding platform needed to support more than just software projects and help free culture as a whole flourish? The #5 top question for Reddit's upcoming interview with Richard Stallman asks the related question, why has there not yet been an effort to develop a free software app store to support developers as an alternative to the corporate controlled Andoid Market and iPhone App Store? It's clear that more needs to be done to support the economy of free culture, software and content alike."

Submission + - The Morevna Project: Free and Open Source Anime (thesilentnumber.me)

shadowmage13 writes: "Even if you don't particularly like anime, any free culture advocate should appreciate this effort. The Morevna Project is using only FOSS tools to produce a full-length anime film to be released as Free content similar to the Blender Foundations Open Movie (and Game) Projects. This project is being picked up by the previously covered Ubuntu @ Anime Boston project to be showcased at the convention. More should be done to target the anime community which is perhaps the most far-reaching group sitting in such a perfect position to embrace the Free culture philosophy. They are more ready than most and this could help revive their hurting industry as well as validate the viability of Free content for creators around the world."

Submission + - Can Ubuntu reach over 16,000 anime lovers in April (thesilentnumber.me)

shadowmage13 writes: "After months of planning, i am happy to finally announce that the Ubuntu Massachusetts Local Community Team will be preparing a booth at the upcoming 2010 Anime Boston convention. We need support from the community to secure a booth and print materials including copies of the Ubunchu! manga. I really believe the Anime fandom is a perfect match for Ubuntu, and they are by nature very much in line with open source and remix culture."

Comment Linked In is not FaceBook (Score 1) 474

It's good to be skeptical or even paranoid on the net. I say that as a former professional paranoid.

Linked in has a reasonable default set of privacy which you can raise or lower. Since it's about resumes and professional networking, the default is a little more open than sensible folks would use one rather more personal FaceBook profiles, and that is ok.

Linked In also has a more transparent business model on how they are monetizing your free service. They are on the give 99% free to build a community for which 1% will pay for advanced access. Anyone can buy access to fuller search results and to ability to send job inquiries - to those who indicate interest in such - to folks without being introduced. You don't have to build a better game to spam peoples friends, just buy recruiters level access. That's transparent, and in my interest - If I need a job later, I will want active hiring managers not in my network yet to be able to find me.

I wouldn't use LinkedIn for purely social networking, but I don't think I want to give professional references on dating-and-music sites like FaceBook or MySpace either.


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