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Comment Wow, a RESTfull API (Score 1) 70

that's actually a pretty nice idea. The thing seems to have some caveats though: only categorical labels are allowed, training sets are limited to 100mb and no sparse features can be used. There's also no info on whether things like cross-validation are done and what algorithm will be chosen. I also wonder about how fast the prediction phase will be. Still pretty neat.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 3, Interesting) 322

Android features it's own custom vm which is far behind the sun's vm. While the main gui stuff on android has to be done in java there's a very nice and easy to use native developement kit that allows you to write the performance critical portions of your code in c/c++ (with some limitations). As of NDK version 1.6 you can also access OpenGL directly, paving the way for truely performant 3D games. I could provide you with some links but i don't think they'd work with your brain anyways...

Comment what's the point? (Score 0) 173

am i missing something here? they advertise a game, but any information except what genre it is and what plattform it supports is under an NDA. the website is a single image showing of artwork which is so heavily borrowed from warcraft its not funny. why does this make it on the front pa... oh nevermind, it's running on linux, free pass no matter how crappy it is.

Comment N810 (Score 3, Informative) 167

a linux based internet tablet with tons of 3rd party apps, everything open source, superb pdf reader, very big screen 800x480, wifi, bluetooth, keyboard, camera, microfon etc. really it's the perfect device for the purposes you mentioned. i couldn't live without mine. forget about the iphone/ipod touch, they are nothing compared to this little beast.

Comment Re:The Nokia 810 is okay (Score 1) 283

seconded even though redundant on my part. the pdf reader that comes pre installed is ok but has long page load times for some pdfs (mostly those from citeseer). the screen is superior to the iphone's screen, not to mention that it runs a fullblown linux that is 100% under your control. additionally there's python 2.5 at your hand, a real vnc client, xterminal, mplayer (which is just awesome for watching battlestar galactica before going to sleep) and anything else you could wish for. the keyboard is to small for my hands but it's ok for e-mails and slashdot posts. it could use a better cpu and a bit more ram. some sites i just can't visit with java script enabled (slashdot...). i'm not working for nokia, i just think this little gadget deserves all the praise it can get. for me it's a netbook and iphone killer.

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