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Comment The Product Management for VS says it's not true (Score 5, Informative) 205!/dseven/status/71352709785198592
@dseven The rumors of VB6 going open source are simply not true. #msteched #vb6rumor #vb6!/dseven/status/71359684904366081
@dseven @beckynagel I'm the Director of Product Management for Visual Studio Tools & Languages. There's no more solid source than me. Its not true.

Comment Re:They want devs to choose (Score 1) 711


So we just need someone government body to declare that they are a monopoly then everyone will be against this practice?
This is the thought process that is happening in developers right now, today, at this very second - developers aren't waiting before a label in order to make the decision on which mobile platform they should target.

The only difference now is that they will be forced to take longer and develop it with a language mandated by Apple which is over 20 years old rather than a modern programming language that they are comfortable with if they choose.
This effectively increases the cost of supporting the 'second choice platforms' which now fewer developers will choose to do - giving Apple a strengthened monopoly based on their anti-competitive actions.

Which is fucking evil if you asked me.

Comment Re:They want devs to choose (Score 0, Flamebait) 711

Wow, you must be clueless as they come.

The iPhone economy is the largest in the world where over 4 billion apps have been downloaded.
If you are mobile developer wanting to make the *most money* developing commercial applications, to make efficient use for your resources *you have no choice* but to develop for the iPhone/iPad.

Every other platform is a second-class economy that you only support if you have the time/resources.

The mandatory language requirement is an artificial limitation placed by a monopolist in commercial mobile applications market creating an a legal lock-in by forcing developers to only target the iPhone. This limitation is in no way technical or based on merit.

I respect quality hardware products with good usability so most of my hardware has an apple logo on it.
But I will never condone this behaviour and will never buy another apple product until this rule stands. This is a personal attack on my free time and is detrimental for developers, competitors and customers - in the evil-est of ways the only beneficiary is Apple.

Honestly the RDF force is a lot stronger than what I think it is, as it makes me sick that he still has customers supporting this behaviour (he really can do no wrong) - This really is thinking different.

Comment Re:It could be legitimate (Score 1) 365

Personally I think Mono Develop has a long way to go before it can match the productivity of VS.NET + R#.
The Mono Develop IDE itself is a speed demon in comparison, but the developer becomes the bottleneck and generally has to write a lot more code, manage imports, etc - its not as good as having R# write most of the code itself.

Comment More available than lucrative (Score 2, Informative) 844

In my experience there is always a job for good programmers.

The salary may not be as lucrative as a doctor, dentist, senior accountant, economist, etc.
But its always easy to find work (well in UK and Australia anyways), I've been a contractor for the last 8 years and haven't spent more than a week without a contract.

Comment Re:Ruby Javascript (Score 2, Interesting) 89

Sounds like the start of a Ruby fanboi crowd right here on /.

Javascript is a powerful functional protyped-based language that is just as powerful as any other dynamic language. Libraries like jQuery show just how powerful and expressive the language can be while applications like google maps, gmail, etc show how capable the language is.

It gets most of its negative sentiment from devs who don't understand it fully to appreciate its strengths. I would suggest using the resources on to learn some advanced techniques.

For anyone who's interested I have a Class.js as described on my blog that simplifies using OOP in Javascript.

Comment Re:FreeBSD is still in debugging mode (Score 1) 268

Since the article didn't mention anything about disabling all the debugging options, I'll consider this an invalid benchmark until shown otherwise.

Every operating system can be further optimized. What's being tested here are the 'Default Settings' as proposed by the installer directly off the Installation Disk.
'The Defaults' also tend to have the characteristic of being the most widely used.

Comment Nothings new (Score 2, Insightful) 1251

You are generally unemployable coming out of any University. A University teaches you the theory of the subject matter and how to learn. Its up to you to take those learning skills and master its practical application in the real world.

It's only them do you become employable/useful in a commercial environment. Otherwise you don't stand a chance of getting a job over other students who do (unless of course you took a minor in bull-sh*ting).

Comment Re:Can't say I'm surprised.... (Score 1) 279

I agree, I'm finally happy to settle with win7 for my desktop and deploy on a mix of win2008+.NET / linux+mono for server deployment.

I spent too much time over the last few years trying out a plethora of desktop OS's over the years because I was not happy with any Desktop which is why I'm still left with a mix of OSX's, Linux and now have switched my windows laptop & desktop to win7 at home.

OS X was a breath of fresh air but as a development environment I find myself a lot more productive with .NET/Java/Python development on win7 with its better keyboard shortcuts and VS.NET+ReSharper (which in my mind is the only killer app booting into windows at all).

I still prefer using OS X as my media centre, general web browsing and of course iPhone development, although I'm now happily settled on Win7 as my primary development platform.

The only real lacking feature I miss is a good command line interface, however Cygwin + vmware helps a bit in this area.

So I'm finally happy to spend the next few years on win7 instead of hunting down the perfect desktop OS - although as a power Ajax developer I am really looking forward to Google Chrome OS and hopes it shakes up OS Development again.

Comment Re:Silverlight & Moonlight are not ineroperabl (Score 1) 216

OMG, Can anyone here post without a clue??

Silverlight is the runtime (think: JVM) of course you can't have a windows JVM and install it on Linux. That's stupid.

It's not the Silverlight runtime thats cross platform, it's whatever apps you build for that platform that makes it portable.
Let me break it down for you:

Silverlight Runtime ~= JRE
Silverlight Runtime ~= Moonlight runtime

These runtimes only runs on the platform it was built for, i.e. you can't run a windows JRE, on OS X, an OS X jre on Linux, etc, etc.

Silverlight .xap ~= Java applet .jar
Silverlight .xap ~= Flash .swf

The exact same .xap will run *NOW* on Silverlight+Windows/IE/FF/Chrome or Silverlight+OSX/Safari/FF

That my friend is what we call cross-platform, the same .xap I developed with VS.NET (or eclipse: will run unmodified now on OSX and is likely to run on Moonlight+Linux.

Once Moonlight is feature complete and all tests pass, the exact same .xap will run on Moonlight+whatever platform moonlight supports.

Comment Re:Why not last fm (Score 1) 216

Save your phone money.

You should probably try it before you make any calls.

Here I'll write the test script out for you:

1. Enter a search-term in the search box.
2. Start your timer then press the enter key.
3. Double click in the middle of the search results page on a track.
4. Stop timer when you start hearing sound.

Timer should read 1s, Check.
What did you get?

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