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Comment Nope (Score 1) 439

Me and my girlfriend both both new cars this year. My experience has been horrible, they do not know what they are talking about and don't know how to communicate or just refuse to communicate after the deal has been signed.

I had to correct the offer my girlfriend got from the dealer multiple times because they just put stuff in there that was impossible, and refused to put stuff in there that was possible because they thought it wasn't. In the end I came with proof and they changed to offer as we wanted...

Comment if adds stop being silly, AdBlocking will go away (Score 1) 351

This might be true for some, but it's not for me.

I will keep my adblockers for as long as I can, why shouldn't I. I do not care for your profits. If your site dies because you have no ad revenue, I'm sorry but then you've had the wrong business model all along, and somebody else will take your place.

Comment It's pretty easy for me... (Score 2) 96

There's a fundamental difference...

ISIS wants to spread the videos to show how badass they are, and to plant fear into people. We shouldn't distribute it, because then we are doing what they want. You can easily report on this without spreading the actual footage.

A rogue cop killing an innocent wants to hide his crime, and should be exposed. This can also be easily reported on without showing footage, but the footage painfully shows how much the cops don't give a fuck about anybody's life.

So the first should never be shown, the second should be available. But really, it's not mandatory to show any death videos... Especially in this age of social media, I'm casually browsing facebook at work, and suddenly I see dead people coming by.... That isn't helping anybody...

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