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Comment Re:Open source? (Score 0, Flamebait) 115

I thought the consensus here was that open source software was secure? Why do the events of the past year make it appear as if they're as bad or worse?

That is all hogwash FUD and confirmation bias.

The truth is that there are a few orders of magnitude more effort put in to bash closed source software and hating on Microsoft on online tech boards compared to actual reading of source code to find bugs. Thats we have extremely serious bugs coming out of software like the Linux kernel that are 20 years old.

Comment Re:The title game (Score 2) 124

> but is Google really only paying their software developers 123,000 in Silicon Valley? That seems low for that place

Those numbers don't include stock options, which are a big part of compensation. The SV companies that don't give stock options have high salaries posted. The amount of ignorance in these comments is amazing.

Comment Re:"pioneer inventor of new technology" ??? (Score 2, Insightful) 183

That lab allowed Gates to take enormous tax write-offs but never produced any scientific or tecnological break-throughs. But hey, it was all in good tax-dodging fun, right?

Tax write-off and tax dodging? What the heck? That's like you donating $100 to the Red Cross to get $15 back in tax refund. Not to even mention all the payroll taxes that people working in Microsoft pay. MS would be way better off just stashing the money like Apple does.

Your post is utterly moronic. What is it about Microsoft that turns otherwise smart people into f**king morons?

Comment Re:Value? (Score 1) 63

It's interesting how it's Apple that mostly did everything and how the summary led people like you to mention only Microsoft. Typical biased Slashdot bullshit.
Not to mention other companies are part of Rockstar like RIM, EMC, Ericsson, Sony. Apple bought some patents from Rockstart in 2012 for like $1B.


By the fifth round of bidding, it was Rockstar Bidco that decided not to submit a bid. This brought the group of bidders down to three: Google, Apple, and Intel.

Then something really interesting happened.

Following Rockstar’s seeming exit, Apple asked Nortel for permission to talk to the group about a possible partnership. This request was granted. Following these discussions, Apple decided they wanted to partner with Rockstar and adopt their name and transaction structure.

Essentially, Apple decided to stake the Rockstar group in this high-stakes poker game.

Comment Re:One huge customer - schools (Score 4, Informative) 345

Yet you don't cringe at all the snooping that Google is doing with student the information.

>I know that kid's data is saved to their Google Drive - automatically.
Where it can be mined for showing ads.

Fantastic, indeed, but for Google, not for the students.

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