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Submission + - Doctoring Electronic Health Records

mynameismonkey writes: "openEHR guru Tim Cook discusses why Electronic Health Record developers should use open standards in a guest blog at A Scanner Brightly. Why are so few doctors using EHR systems? And, as more and more hospital EHR systems come online across the country, what do we have to fear from proprietary databases? It's one thing to find out your social security number was stolen. Now add your mental health and STD results."
The Internet

Submission + - Open Source Domestic Violence

mynameismonkey writes: " No Private Matter! Ending Abuse in Intimate & Family Relations is now open for voting. Part of Changemakers, an open source model for social solutions that is seeking to break out of the narrow channel of intellectual talent available to the foundations and open up funding to collaborative projects and the diverse community of people to whom funding is often not an option. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is sponsoring this particular competition, and provides an interesting twist on the open source model, as well as shining some light on innovative ways the philosophy is spreading. As a community we spend a lot of time trying to find business cases, but are we aware of how the non-profit community can further benefit from the open source culture?"

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