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Submission + - Time to Unbundle the Cable Networks (

mylogic writes: With the advent of over the top streaming TV services, it's no wonder folks aren't talking about cable network unbundeling the same way telephone local loop unbundelling took place over a decade ago. Some may argue that in today's world the need to unbundle the last mile cable network is needless given the onslaught of competition that exists in the IPTV space today.

There is opportunity for incumbents to actually generate ancillary revenue streams from many cable-cutters and cable-nevers that have just not opted into the practice based on pricing and lack of choices.

Truth be told, as great as over the top IPTV services are today, they are best effort services, not dedicated which you ultimately pay for in quality degradation when accessing multiple streams in the household, not to mention bandwidth competition from other devices both explicit (your actual bandwidth) and implicit (WiFI limitations router, speed, local).

Truth be told, as sucky as paying for dedicated subscription based TV services are, there's a tremendous amount of potential to make it better by offering up the last mile to various competitors. Let's stop talking about net-neutrality and start talking about competition!

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