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Comment Re:Translation (Score 0) 121

The IRS will know who you are when you bought your bitcoin from a regulated exchange. They can then require you to do a proof-of-stake on your addresses at tax time. The difference between your Bitcoin balances at purchase time and tax time must be accounted for by either sales with capital gains (or losses) or purchases. Innovative blockchain forensic software will follow the money.

Comment Re:Consipricy nuts, go! (Score 0) 100

Roman Seleznev and his father, the ultra-nationalist Duma deputy Valery Selenev are on the phone. The scene is tense. There are tears.

Roman: "Father, I'm scared. The lawyer told me I could be looking at 20 years in prison. My whole life will be gone. You've got to tell Mr. Putin to help us."
Valery: "Don't worry, Rommie. We'll spin this into an international incident."
Roman: "And there's a big ObCMORMEYbCM6O (Russian for nigger) looking at my tender, plump buttucks."
Valery: "For God's sakes, boy! Pull up your pants."
Roman: "They are up. He's looking at the spot where my juicy, plump ass would be if it weren't covered up."
Valery: "Oh."

Comment Re:Consipricy nuts, go! (Score -1, Troll) 100

In Russia it is legal and even heroic to steal from Americans on the internet. Russia has never extradited for internet crime so let them seethe in their anger that one of their elites had a bag put over his head by the Secret Service and will now spend the rest of his life with a negro cellie whose size and penetrating capacity will soon make him forget about girls. I hope it gives them a heart attack.

Comment Democrats Should Feel Free to be Skeptical of GW (Score 1) 725

The media and liberals conflate the three issues of-- Is the world warming? Is it human induced? Can human countermeasures have any worthwhile effect?" into one hoping the public will be too dumb to see the difference so that any skepticism about countermeasures like onerous carbon taxes can be shouted down as flat-earth talk. Any intelligent observer of the issue will arrive at the conclusion that the high costs Americans will be asked to pay for certain quantity of carbon reduction will be quickly overwhelmed by India and China opening one new coal fired power plant per week. Americans should be told that the extra $500 per month they will be paying for energy is largely symbolic and designed more to shame the developing world into adopting green energy policies and burnish America's image as a green nation doing its part to combat GW.

Submission + - IEEE Spectrum Ranks The Top Programming Languages (

An anonymous reader writes: Working with computational journalist Nick Diakopoulos, we at IEEE Spectrum have published an app that ranks the popularity of dozens of programming languages. Because different fields have different interests (what's popular with programmers writing embedded code versus what's hot with web developers isn't going to be identical) we tried to make the ranking system as transparent as possible—you can use our presets or you can go in and create your own customized ranking by adjusting the individual weightings of the various data sources we mined.--Stephen "FTC obDisclosure" Cass.

Submission + - Are tethers the answer to the safety issues of follow-me drone technology? (

Hallie Siegel writes: Camera-equipped follow-me drone technology is hitting the scene in spades, promising extreme sports enthusiasts and others amazing aerial shots. Imagine, your own dynamic tripod that follows you on command. But what about the safety issue of having follow-me drones crowding the ski slopes? The tethered Fotokite addresses these concerns while sidestepping FAA regulations.

Comment Re:inflation is not related to economy growth (Score 1) 115

Deflation is a problem that can be managed since with universal participation and a liquid market of maybe 100MM buy/sell transactions per day the deflation rate will look something like the the inflation rate of a widely traded currency like the dollar-- 1 or 2% per year, nothing you're going to hoard to make money off of. Bitcoin could just become a token currency where it is held for the purpose of the transaction and then converted into fiat. This would be especially true if the future of the blockchain as a universally used decentralized broker of trust for all manner of transactions ( not just Bitcoin) play out.

Comment Re:The problem with Bitcoin (Score 1) 115

We pay the card companies a lot of money for using their network, maintaining a secure ledger of accounts and combating fraud and identity theft, merchants pay 3% of their gross revenue through the transaction fee and the card providers also extract some of this cost from the consumer through high fees and interest. These are costs that suddenly vanish when the merchant accepts Bitcoin (or actually shrink to .1%) since the network is free, the ledger (blockchain) is free and identity fraud is impossible since a Bitcoin wallet cannot be duplicated like a credit card. You can see how merchants who are operating on very thin profit margins (10% or less) see lower transaction costs as a way to substantially make a difference in their bottom line. As a matter of fact, Wall Street sees it too which is why they are investing in Bitcoin infrastructure. My advice to you slashdot holdouts is don't wait too long before you start getting it.

Comment Re:inflation is not related to economy growth (Score 1) 115

Liquidity will never be a problem with Bitcoin because its 21 million coins has 1,000 times more units of value than all the worlds currencies combined. As the world needs more bitcoin the decimal just moves to the right. Just one of the advantages of a mathematically created currency.

Comment Re:Weak Currencies (Score 2) 115

Having an alternative currency like Bitcoin in a country with rampant inflation 'couldn't hoit'. Especially if dollar purchases are restricted like in Venezuela where holders of the Bolivar lost 56% last year due to inflation. It simply gives the victim of an inept monetary policy a way to preserve the wealth value in an asset more stable than his own currency. Gold and dollars would be better but they are hard to obtain.

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