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Comment So what he's really saying... (Score 5, Insightful) 325

In terms of what the future holds, we've gone on record to say that the next step for Nintendo in home consoles will not be to simply make it HD, but to add more and more capability, and we'll do that when we've totally tapped out all of the experiences for the existing Wii.

Translation: We still have MOUNTAINS of shovel ware to sell!

Comment I used to WORK in Second Life. (Score 1) 187

And got paid *real money* too. A universities ill conceived attempt at virtual classrooms, or something. I never understood why the hell they were making a replica of the campus and need FIVE islands (which is like $600 something a month) to do it. Anyway, Second Life is ridiculous. Its probably used to be awesome or something when there were only 1000 people using it, but when the general public got a hold of it it became some kind of demonic three dimensional rendition of MySpace with the intelligence level of Youtube comments. I imagine they started doing this for two reasosn. One, dealing with spam. If you can imagine, take all the spam you've ever gotten, mix it in a bowl, and then shove it into a search index. Two, they need cash flow. And Second Life "residents" are probably the most self-righteous people on the internet. Their main functions consist of make spam and bitch about things they don't understand.

Comment If you go with a Thinkpad... (Score 1) 672

Watch out for the intel 4965 wireless card. I have a T61 with said card and wireless on the thing randomly stops working when running Ubuntu 8.10 and/or Ubuntu 9.04. Only thing that fixes it is a format. I'm not really sure if they even use these cards in new laptops anymore. The issue seems to be somewhat localized to Ubuntu distros. For the specific error google around for "Mac is in deep sleep". Buyer beware. Other than that little problem Thinkpads have always been good to me, besides the whole drifting nub mouse and occasional loose LCD hinge.

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