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Submission + - An Online Government Open Accountability Ledger (

mybecq writes: What would happen if each government agency was required to publicly account for every dollar that they sent or received, and make that available online at a central location? That is the desired outcome of the initiative I started today by launching OnlineGOAL, the Online Government Open Accountability Ledger. I believe that every dollar can be accounted for, whilst respecting individual privacy and allowing for national security. Are there any countries that show accountability to their citizens in this fashion? Are there any candidates for U.S. President (or some other elected official) that have enough backbone to support this?

Submission + - Firefox javascript/cookie vulnerability uncovered

mybecq writes: Michal Zalewski has uncovered and disclosed a serious vulnerability (BugZilla: 5) in Mozilla Firefox, whereby a javascript string containing '\x00' (escaped NUL character) can cause Firefox to allow malicious sites to manipulate cookies for third-party webpages.

A demonstration of the vulnerability is available. The vulnerability requires javascript and session cookies to be enabled to be able to be exploited.

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