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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 80

Your point is valid, however there are no public restrooms near google campus, near as in reachable walking distance, there's a gas station and a shop close by but you need to know where to go, which tourists probably don't.

While we were there no one cared about their bikes (they are shit) nor wanted to go to their restrooms.

Comment Re:advice on Linux alternatives? (Score 1) 829

Just pick debian netinst and go with whatever WM + login manager you like.
I'd recommend xfce4 + slim, my grandma find it easier to use than LXDE.
wicd-curses is an easy to use wi-fi manager.
I dont have any auto-updates configured and they are done when I come over.
Can't help you with other points as I've have none/too little experience with that.

Comment What is this TV you speak of? (Score 3, Interesting) 443

But seriously, I haven't owned TV since 2006 and probably none of the channels I have available air it.

Even if they did I can't just imagine sit at TV on a specific date/time. This is not how it works now, I will watch it when/if I have time not when they think I should watch it.

I also like to watch multiple episodes at a time, and the legal way of me doing this (can't use hulu or netflix where I live) is ordering box set via amazon which costs 45 pounds for seasons 1-4.
No thanks, make it 10 pounds and you got a deal since it's just piece of plastic with printed out papers.
The only advantage I see in a dvd box set is that audio levels and quality is consistent across all the seasons/episodes but even this can be a non issue if you take your time searching right torrents.
Plus it will take 1 week for the DVDs to get here and would require me to go to the post office, wait in line, get back home to finally view it.

Now lets compare the other alternative that I have:
Open up the bay, type in breaking bad season, get the one with most seeds/ok quality and press magic download button. 1 hour later I have what I needed without all the annoyances.

So guess which route will I or anyone sane would choose?

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