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Comment Re:Nice ... Estrosi (Score 2, Informative) 297

not that French politics are any easier to summarize than anywhere else, but to be fair with the GP, we have seen lately that the current governement has more and more of a tendency to use far-right (or what we call far-right here in France anyway) rethorics, such as blaming immigrants for economical and crime problems, for instance.

Comment Re:Look in the mirror (Score 2, Interesting) 227

Although I fully agree with your comment, i think you missed the point of the submission's title: in big corps, management did get convinced that linux servers aren't too risky, and they are now happily going for it (where I work management is loudly bragging about the millions they are saving with linux). Hence the question is valid: what is the reason why it isn't the case yet with say application servers ? Will it just come in due time ? Or is there a more fundamental reason, like lack of consensus about support availablility/substainability ?

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