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Comment Re:Those poor rats (Score 1) 103

Woodrow Wilson (leader of Progressive Movement and Democrat) got the U.S. involved in World War I. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D) got the U.S. into World War II, and authorized hydrogen bombs to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. John F. Kennedy (D) got us into Vietnam (and authorized the bungled Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba). Lyndon Baines Johnson (D) escalated the conflict in Vietnam. Hmm, looks like your left-wing meme is breaking down.

Comment Re:kids are worried ... (Score 1) 491

>"scientifically supported"!?!? My ass! Computer models are the only thing that "climate scientists" have to work with. They have to hard-code certain assumptions, which they set in order to produce their own worst-case scenario to generate headlines, publicity, and more funding. The scientists do not release their climate model code as open-source projects so it can be peer-reviewed by programmers; and their mindless, willing sycophants in the press report computer models as imminent events. The IPCC report is riddled with claims of horrible near-term consequences that simply have not occurred, and the U.N. then edits that report to remove the incorrect assertions (for example: Glaciers will be totally melted in the Himalayas; There will be 500,000,000 refugees due to global warming). Hell, they have to change their own terminology from "global warming" to "climate change" because the majority of people simply do not buy it. Pro-AGW-Theorists have been claiming for decades that if we didn't do something "right now" then it would be too late. Well, they have been saying it for so long that if they are right then we are past the point of no return. Every time this topic is brought up on /. I see a group of usually rational skeptics become the suckers that swallow this garbage theory hook-line-and-sinker.

Comment Re:Hulu, or Hulu Plus (Score 1) 648

I was looking for a link to a press release from Hulu that would confirm what I read as being nothing more than an assertion of a reporter, or at best speculation on why the hedge fund Providence Equity Partners had sold its holdings of Hulu. The author writes that "authentication...could take years to complete". That doesn't sound like media and cable companies in a hurry to keep their cable users from defecting.

Submission + - SPAM: New Documentary Explores Technological Unemployment

An anonymous reader writes: I Lost My Job is a short documentary film which sets out to explore the phenomenon which is affecting and due to affect many people's lives — namely, technological unemployment. The documentary also examines what we can do about it as a society through the analysis of a transitional direction.
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Submission + - Munich's Open Source Desktop Saves Millions (

jrepin writes: "Switching to a vendor independent desktop based on Linux and other open source software reduces costs and results in fewer calls to help desks, show figures provided last month by the Mayor of Munich, Christian Ude. Replacing the current almost ten thousand open source desktops by a proprietary system would increase costs by some 25 per cent, the Mayor shows in his response to questions from a city councillor."

Submission + - Scientists To Use Pig Cells For Parkinson's Trials (

redletterdave writes: "Living Cell Technologies, a research and testing lab based in New Zealand, plans to implant pig cells in the human brain in clinical trials to treat Parkinson's disease and help improve movement and brain functions in patients. The clinical trials will be the first using pig brain cells for potential treatment in humans. The treatment involves transplanting "support" cells from the brain of pigs that can help repair damaged nerve tissue in people with Parkinson's; pre-clinical trials performed on monkeys showed improvements of greater than 50 percent in symptoms, suggesting the cell implants could protect brain tissue that would otherwise die, potentially delaying or even preventing the debilitating effects of Parkinson's."

Submission + - NOAA Releases New Views of Earth's Ocean Floor (

fishmike writes: "NOAA has made sea floor maps and other data on the world's coasts, continental shelves and deep ocean available for easy viewing online. Anyone with Internet access can now explore undersea features and obtain detailed depictions of the sea floor and coasts, including deep canyons, ripples, landslides and likely fish habitat.

The new online data viewer compiles sea floor data from the near shore to the deep blue, including the latest high-resolution bathymetric (sea bottom) data collected by NOAA's Office of Coast Survey primarily to support nautical charting."

The Courts

Submission + - Feds shut down TOR using narcotics store ( 3

Fluffeh writes: "Federal authorities have arrested eight men accused of distributing more than $1 million worth of LSD, ecstasy, and other narcotics with an online storefront called "The Farmer's Market" that used the TOR anonymity service to mask their Internet addresses. Prosecutors said in a press release that the charges were the result of a two-year investigation led by agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration's Los Angeles field division. "Operation Adam Bomb, " as the investigation was dubbed, also involved law enforcement agents from several US states and several countries, including Colombia, the Netherlands, and Scotland. The arrests come about a year after Gawker documented the existence of Silk Road, an online narcotics storefront that was available only to TOR users. The site sold LSD, Afghani hashish, tar heroin and other controlled substances and allowed customers to pay using the virtual currency known as Bitcoin."

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