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Comment Re:Bifurcated Pricing (Score 2) 121

I wonder if any developers have bumped up rates for in app purchases (+30%) while still giving the option to buy on the website w/o the premium. Not sure if this would violate any rules, but this would seem to offer customers a choice, while exposing Apple's cut for convenience.

It is against apple's terms. And honestly, it's pretty ridiculous IMO. I don't see how they can both force you to use them for in app purchases, and then dictate that you must pay 30% for anything purchased through the app. Thank god apple didn't create the first web browser or every website that sold products would have to pay apple to do so.

Comment Re:Great, sort of (Score 2) 128

I also like unity quite a bit. I would like it more if it were stable. Coincidentally, just yesterday I worked on an old man's windows computer and he had his taskbar on the left side of the screen the way unity has it. He said he does it since all the screens are widescreen it makes better use of his screen.

Comment absurd (Score 1) 116

Google should get its best lawyers and completely wipe this company out.. This is plain absurdity, the names aren't even that similar.. You build hardware around someone else's operating system then try to sue them for using a name too similar to your own (which really isn't that similar to begin with). Let them die.. 2 months from now, nobody will remember the name. I usually stick up for the little guy, but not when the little guy is a punk ass bitch.

Comment Re:Think again (Score 1) 520

People around here only understand car analogy's so here goes: This is like encouraging others to drive by leaving your car unlocked and with the keys in the ignition and a sign saying "please drive me, but be safe and courteous, and let me have a turn once in awhile", all the while hoping people won't speed in your car and of course won't do hit-and-runs, bank robbery's, and other mischievous things from your car. Of course, the only difference here is your car would actually get stolen in the process, your internet will just be borrowed and misused.

Comment Re:Tail wagging the dog? (Score 1) 274

mod parent down for being really really bad at math and reading.. 1/4 != 75% IE won all of the tests except the about:blank page which its running time was only 1 minute less than firefox and chrome (and better than the others).. This could easily be considered equivalent given margin of error was probably at least 1%. I'm not touting that these were the best tests in the world but your analysis is quite wrong and I have no idea why you were modded 5, Informative when you should be modded -1, Wrong/

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 470

Wow you don't need to be religious to know about vatican I and vatican II.. Does the word Reformation ring a bell? You were raised catholic but apparently you slept through those english masses! Maybe latin would have done you better. That being said, the Catholic Church needs to make some more changes to keep followers.. No birth control, seriously??

Comment Re:Yes it is. It *is* that boring. (Score 1) 175

Yeah because nascar drivers don't know how to turn. I've only watched a few races myself, as my father in law is a big fan, but after doing so I have to say I respect the sport much more now. I know some f1 drivers have (or are currently) in nascar such as Juan Pablo Montoya who is currently ranked 22nd on the season. When I've watched he seems like a good driver, manages to stay up at the front of the pack for most of the race. He hasn't exactly dominated though. We'll see how Danica does if she makes it to the sprint cup next year or later. I used to bash nascar quite a bit, but its actually pretty fun.. You can usually skip the first few hundred laps and just watch the end, when everyone goes all out to win.

Comment Re:Microsoft versus Sun's Java and JavaScript (Score 1) 226

I think this should get +5 funny. I hate when that sun javascript screws up my computer too. Oh and that mozilla sure needs to get up to the times, haven't they heard of Internet Explorer 6! Seriously though, Microsoft/java debacle was many years ago but you make it sound like it was just yesterday. Oh how time flies.

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