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Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - What all can I spell in a mac address?

mwilliamson writes: I guess I'm bored tonight. Someone on facebook started talking about seeing words spelled out in mac addresses, so I got to thinking how many possible English words could be embedded in a mac address.

Creatively querying aspell, I came up with 346 words I also allowed 0 and 1 because, well, they look like o and l.

The following will give the complete list: /usr/bin/strings /usr/lib/aspell-0.60... |... grep -v -i [g-k] | grep -v -i [m-n] | grep -v -i [p-z] | grep -v '*' | tr [A-Z] [a-z] | uniq

More interesting ones (to me anyway) include:
offloaded, accolade, oddball, bobble, baffled, beefed, blob, boldfaced, fable, facade, faded, cocoa, coal, coldblooded, deaf, flooded, loco, lead, and doodad.
Linux Business

Submission + - Adobe Flash on Linux -- Why still broken?

mwilliamson writes: "As I sit reading my morning paper online I still cannot view the embedded videos due to auto-detection of my flash player not working. Every 3 or 4 Youtube videos crashes my browser. I remember sometime back reading that Adobe has a very small development team (possibly only one) working on the Linux port of Flash, then it dawns on me that Flash on Linux is the one major entry barrier controlling acceptance of Linux as a viable operating system on the desktop. No matter how stable, smooth, flashy, efficient and correct Linux runs on a machine, the public will continue to view it as second rate if Flash keeps crashing. This is worst example of being tied down and bound by a crappy 3rd party product in which no Linux distribution has a bit of control over. GNASH is nice, but just isn't there 100%.

I really do have to suspect the source Adobe's motivation to keep Flash on Linux in such a deplorable state."

Submission + - Yahoo Hotjobs won't accept OpenOffice .doc files 1

mwilliamson writes: "I just submitted the following via Yahoo's HotJobs feedback mechanism. Call me pessimistic, but I suspect this will never be viewed by human eyes. The problem I'm trying to alert Yahoo to is that HotJob's 100kb limitation is blocking the smallest OpenOffice saved .doc files as OpenOffice probably doesn't compress the files the same way.

Here's what I submitted:
The 100kb limit on .doc formatted resumes is preventing those of us who use OpenOffice from being able to upload our .doc resumes as OpenOffice saved .doc files are not compressed in the same manner. Typical short MS-Word files are around 40kb each and short OpenOffice .doc files are just a tad over 100kb each. Please consider changing this limitation to support the open-source community. Additionally, please consider allowing RTF, PDF or even OOXML formats as well."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - FCC Rules update July 20, 2007 -- 802.11a concerns

mwilliamson writes: "The FCC is will soon require protocol changes to 802.11a to automatically avoid interference to military and weather RADAR systems using the 5 GHZ spectrum. At best, this will probably require a firmware update on your access points. More information can be found at(PDF): /en/us/guest/products/ps5861/c1244/cdccont_0900aec d801c4a88.pdf

Quoting from this article: "In order to operate in the 5 GHZ bands radios must comply with two features that are part of the 802.11h specification-Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) and Transmitter Power Control (TPC). DFS dynamically instructs a transmitter to switch to another channel whenever a particular condition (such as the presence of a radar signal) is met. Prior to transmitting, a device's DFS mechanism monitors its available operating spectrum, listening for a radar signal. If a signal is detected, the channel associated with the radar signal will be vacated or flagged as unavailable for use by the transmitter... [SNIP]...All WLAN products that ship in Canada and the US on or after July 20, 2007 must meet the DFS for FCC requirements.""
United States

Submission + - waiting for: again?

mwilliamson writes: "I just got a phone call here at work playing back a pre-recorded message stating I hadn't completed filing with Turbotax and gave me a URL to finish. Like many others, I waited until the last night, could not file electronically so had to opt for the paper route. Although I used their system to download the mailable documents, they don't seem to know. Now the funny part...this URL seems to be down, probably due to overload this time evidently generated by their own call center. Bad turbotax! hehe The URL they had given was"

Submission + - Is lossless re-compression of audio possible?

mwilliamson writes: "Although I've not found anything that claims to do this, I've decided to ask the Slashdot community if they think it is possible to losslessly compress previously lossy compressed and de-compressed audio into a form roughly the size of the previously compressed audio.

To clarify:
  • Audio file (a) raw audio as recorded
  • lossy compressed file (b), of file (a) (ex. ogg/mp3/wma/aac)
  • uncompressed file (c) as an unpacking of (b) (ex. winamp play to file)
  • recompressed file (d) of file (c)
  • uncompressed file (e) of file (d)
  • sizeof(d) roughly equal sizeof(b)
  • files (e) and (c) bitwise identical
The implications for the anti-DRM movement are obvious, but there are plenty of other reasons to persue this. This would greatly help with the age-old problem of futureproofing your audio without having to have support for every know format under the sun in your media player."

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