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Comment Free Pizza? Free beer? (Score 1) 50

It's obviously an advertisement for Universal Pizza trumpeting their new intergalactic pizza delivery service. That's one of the few signals powerful enough to cut through the galactic noise.

The only other thing it might be is a "free beer while supplies last" beacon, which would also be powerful enough to attract attention of all sentient beings.

Comment "Contact" means many things (Score 1) 185

Besides the initial interview, half of everyone he interacts with on a daily basis probably works for the intelligence service in some form or another.

I mean, it's not like he's Joe nobody.

He's a smart guy and probably knows that everyone he interacts with is working for someone or another. The $64k question is "is he actively working for and/or providing information to the Russians." There's no evidence that he's released anything to Russia that he hasn't released to anyone else, but you never know.

The good thing is that Snowden didn't flip for money, which probably means his motives are what he said they were. The downside is that there's no guarantee he won't drop some more info in the future, although that info is slowly losing its value as time goes on.

Comment FTA: similar results as early as 1910/1920 (Score 4, Interesting) 188

"Perhaps most surprising is that, in the formative years of atomic science in the early 20th century, some scientists reported inexplicable experimental evidence of elemental transmutations. In the 1910s and 1920s, this research was reported in popular newspapers and magazines, and papers were published in the top scientific journals of the day, including Physical Review, Science and Nature."

Comment Things are a bit different now. (Score 1) 488

Historically that's how it works, but Trump is a different kind of President. I wouldn't use any kind of "how things normally work" as a model for the Trump Presidency.

And in any casethe switchboard blocks people because they're told to block people. "The Switchboard" isn't some entity that makes its own decisions. If the administration wants to do things differently it's completely possible, but probably not recommended.

Comment Bad idea. Why? (Score 3, Informative) 229

I'm not sure these guys understand what'll happen if there's in-camera encryption. I can see at least two possible outcomes:

1. The device is encrypted, so the authorities just take and destroy it
2. The device is encrypted, so the authorities just take and destroy it, and kill the jouro when they refuse to unlock it.

I'm not sure either of these are really want the person in question wants. I can think of other issues (and you can too), but encrypting the device is probably not the right answer.

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