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Comment Scala? Yeah, Right. (Score 1) 245

I got stuck maintaining a bunch of Scala code at one point, and I'd say "no thanks." Why?

The code wasn't any more error-free than any other code, but it was an order of magnitude more difficult to maintain. It also didn't seem to speed up the development process any; the devs were just as late as they were without Scala.

Scala developers are also expensive and hard to find, two things that make finding a "Scala maintainer" a difficult task.

Unless you're willing to invest in supporting it, I'd say no. If you want a functional language go to a real one, not one built on top of Java. And be sure that the use case for it fits the language.

Comment The "Perfect Storm" is a shit idea (Score 1) 620

The idea of a "Perfect Storm" is a shit idea popularized by that dumb-ass book.

Anything that happens in life can be seen as a random confluence of multiple, independent events. A car accident? 5 seconds would have prevented it. Getting killed by a falling tree limb? Just imagine all the things that have to happen for the branch to fall on someone walking under it.

Those "perfect storm" events happen all the time, every day, in multiple contexts.

Comment 14% don't update? They're lying (Score 2) 143

If you're an android user you can't really update the OS on your phone because for the vast majority of handsets there are no updates available.

For these surveys they really need to add some questions to determine if the respondent is just flat-out lying or just doesn't understand the difference between an app update and an OS update.

Plus, some answers make no sense. Who updates their OS when it isn't convenient for them? WTF does that even mean?

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