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Comment Maybe the TLAs are lending her a hand (Score 2, Interesting) 689

For all we know her friends at the CIA and NSA may be the ones behind the hacks. She's definitely pissed off enough people there with her security "lapses".

Plus, a lot of the "evidence" is pretty dumb. "Oh, there was Russian metadata in some of the changed files." "They used a server located in Russia." Well duh, don't you think that shit would be sterilized if a real agency was in charge?

It would be the height of comedy if the other investigating agencies were so incompetent that they actually believe that Russia was behind it but it was done by our TLAs.

Comment Another outsourced job: exposing wrongdoing? (Score 3, Insightful) 287

Wait, the US Government is accusing another government of attempting to influence an election by exposing wrongdoing?

That's bizarre.

I suppose if the press was doing its job instead of being Democratic spear-carriers we wouldn't need some other country to do the press' work for them.

Comment Goodbye, internet! (Score 5, Insightful) 296

The internet has flourished in many ways because it's been controlled by a liberal free market country like the United States. The US is all about free speech, free flow of ideas, etc - much more so than any other country on Earth.

For most of the countries on Earth the idea of free speech (as in "say anything you want") is an alien concept. Go ahead and say something bad about the Thai royals in Thailand. How about registering "putinsucks.ru"? Have fun in the gulag.

Hey, you're going to create a website that competes against the national phone company? Good luck with that, little toad. You're going to blog about how government ministers are idiots? Yeah, goodbye to that too.

It'll happen slowly, and accelerate over time, like everything.

It only takes one bureaucrat to decide that zombo.com is a threat to the world order, and bam it's gone.

If anything, the whole-hearted embrace of the "world internet" here shows that most slashdot readers never left their parents' basement.

Comment Car dealerships will lose in Federal court (Score 3, Interesting) 261

Car dealerships will lose in Federal court because it's harder to bribe the Feds.

Car dealerships are generally the most consistent donors to local politicians, and thus are pretty much insulated from adverse laws at the local and state level. They haven't been as active at the Federal level, but if Tesla wins expect that to change...a lot.

Dealers are slow to pick up on the negative effects of self-driving cars, but once they do they'll also start their Federal lobbying campaign.

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