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Comment Simple statistics (Score 1) 407

50% of company employees will always perform below company median. This can not be changed. What can be achieved is 100% of employees being beyond industry-wide median. Once most of the engineers are beyond the best candidates available for hire company should stop stack ranking. The problem with candidates however is you never know how good they are.

Comment Algorythm is not the bottleneck. (Score 1) 223

As correctly noted in your post trust is the real bottleneck. Hacked CA is a risk. Man-machine interaction on the end user side is much greater weakness. User can be fooled by SSL strip. User can believe that "" is your site if it provides valid certificate for "*". Social engineering can be used to make user skip warnings by browser. If users authenticate with certificate hackers are more likely to get the certificate by social engineering than by exploiting crypto weakness.

Comment There is a good reason characters can... (Score 1) 362

There is a good reason characters can move through one another. It's funny to see people once again proposing things like this one:

Maneuvering and physically blocking movement of enemies becomes much more important than it is in current games if the group needs to protect a wounded member who can't just be healed by the specialized healer standing in the back

Surely this physically blocking movement trick would make sense and enhance tactical depth but there is one important factor the author forgot - lag. When I played WOW I typically had lag of 300ms and many other players had worse. It is extremely important to tell the player where his character will be located when all movement commands reach the server, if his movement can be blocked by things not computable on client side only this convenience is gone.

Comment Quality of sites in Israel. (Score 1) 951

I live in Israel I know how websites are created here. Once I inherited code for eShop that was destined to be given to the customer soon. Server part had glaring SQL injection vulnerabilities, the HTML/CSS part did not look the same or even correct in not a single browser. But the worst part was the boss who thinks it is OK to ship this to the customer without fixing and charge money for it. I hope our webmasters will learn from what happens now.

Comment Hardware. (Score 1) 178

I'm not an expert, I compiled Linux kernel only once and not on embedded system. Also I'm good at generalizing. ;)

Why do people switch to Windows Vista? Windows XP does not support some of the newest hardware. That's it, new OS runs better on new hardware. Why do people use 2.6 kernel on desktops? Old kernels do not support old hardware.

I know, computational power of embedded devices must be as small as possible to reduce energy consumption, cost, weight, whatever. I know, embedded hardware does not evolve the same way as desktop. But there is something in common. When new hardware comes out driver writers support newest OS first and old ones enter "if time permits" mode. Imagine that next year you device must support USB3 (while everything else remains the same). USB3 driver for new kernel is likely to be developed soon, usb3 driver for 2.4 may take longer. (Disclaimer: I know nothing about usb3, it is just an example).

Conclusion: Moore's Law is your friend.


Submission + - Innocent man sets up internet GPS to track himself

gurps_npc writes: Hasan Elahi is an American of Bangladesh birth. He is not arabic and not a terrorist. But someone accused him (or someone with a similar name) of being one. After he escaped from the clutches of Homeland Security, he decided to make sure he had evidence to free himself if it happened again. Beyond the normal precautions (calling up the FBI and telling them he is planning on traveling before he books his ticket), he did something a bit more extreme. He hacked his cell phone and set up a web site that tracked his GPS position. It is broadcast live to his website, here: tracking website. Then he routinely takes lots of pictures with that same cellphone, sending them to the website as well. Before you start thinking he is paranoid, you might check his web logs. Computers at government agencies have looked visited his site.

More can be read at this wordpress article.

Cure spooky music. How long before they start "asking" "people of interest" to do this?

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