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Comment Re:Dear Andrea, (Score 0) 743

See has the freedom to immigrate if she does not like the system.

In my opinion she is just trying to be difficult as a typical teenager who want to be in the center of attention.
And by doing so she creates a lot of extra costs which will affect the quality of her classmates education.
This has nothing to do with fighting for freedom.

If she fights for privacy I would like to know if she is happy with all the attention she has now.


Submission + - Dutch police solves murder by asking for DNA from citizens ( 1

muttoj writes: Police in Friesland have arrested a local man in connection with the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl in 1999.

The man was picked up following the mass dna testing of men living close to the field where Marianne Vaatstra's body was found.

According to television crime reporter Peter R de Vries, who has been central to keeping the case open, the dna match is 100%. ‘In ordinary words, you could say ‘the case is solved’', De Vries told Nos radio.


The suspect is said to be a white, 44-year-old man from Friesland. ‘It is a farmer with his own company,’ De Vries said.

Nearly 6,600 men voluntarily gave a dna sample in a last ditch attempt to solve the murder earlier this year.

The decision to launch the dna appeal came after De Vries in May broadcast information about a Playboy cigarette lighter found in Vaatstra's bag which contains dna traces that match the traces found on the schoolgirl's body.

Tip-offs following the broadcast showed the lighter was on sale in the local area at the time, including in the village of Zwaagwesteinde where she lived.

Police are due to give a news conference about the arrest later on Monday.

Many comments where made on /. when the police asked for DNA from citizens:

Comment China is biggest democracy (Score 1) 71

For the last 15 years I travelled 3 or 4 times a year to China for my work. (purchasing cheap stuff I can sell for high dollars in the west)
Each trip averaged two weeks and in those trips I travel all around China.
From HongKong to deep inside of China. I speak with high officials and with factory workers because I am intrigued by their culture.

The Chinese government is really afraid for revolutions. They had many in their history and the Chinese people will start a new revolution if needed.
Especially now the communication freedom is uncontrollable. The government can block some sites but not all of them and if they do block everything than people will start a revolution for sure.

The sole purpose of the government is to satisfy the majority of the people. It is naïve to think you can satisfy everybody but at least they try.

In my home country (The Netherlands) we have a multi-party government. Every 4 years we have a popularity contest (elections). After forming the actual government (which can take months) decision making is slow and always a compromise nobody wants. Then I really favor the Chinese way.

But the Chinese government has a lot of corruption and in some cases no merci for the minority.
So I still prefer to live in my own country and hope our Monarch will seize the power again. :)

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