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Submission + - Open Source English Teaching Software 2

mutantcamel writes: "I've been teaching English in China and Japan, and I've become more interested in the idea of starting a school myself. In China, the most popular, and the most expensive learning "methods" often involve student computer-centred self-study. This has benefits for both the student and the owners of the school in that it standardizes the teaching, and there are lower operating costs for the school. Most of the higher level ESL solutions are usually very expensive (DynEd and Wall Street Institute are popular ESL software-based solutions in China) and proprietry. I've looked at some of the KDE Education software, and while it seems pretty good for lower level/child learners, it doesn't really cater for adult learners who want to study conversational or business English. I'd really like to see an open source project, both in terms of potential cost-saving (thinking as a potential ESL school owner) and something that can aid the proliferation of high quality ESL education to poorer countries, who ironically, probably need English teaching the most, but can rarely afford it."

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