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Comment Re:You're... (Score 5, Insightful) 314

A year or two ago everybody was happy with Gnome. Just Gnome, we didn't have to call it Gnome 2.x. Now we have Gnome 2.x, plain Gnome 3.x, Unity, Mint Gnome Shell Extensions, MATE and now another kid on the block... what the hell went wrong?

I'm still happily using Gnome 2.x (on LMDE), but it won't last forever :/

Comment it's already been done (Score 2) 98

I've read about it being done in a few cities in Poland. It's more of an art happening then a practical thing. The "exposition" is made of members of different kind of minorities (one Jew, one atheist, one gay person, etc.) who you can "borrow" and talk to. Neat idea and of course it's been protested by homophobic morons.

The project is called ywa Biblioteka (alive library) - .

Comment Re:Market share (Score 1) 481

one of my websites (love calculator - definitely not for us geeks) got 124000 visits in the past month. 72.11% of those were made with IE (any version). 28.10% of all IE visits were made with 6.0. This means IE 6 still has 20%.

Also, w3schools is #1 in Google's SERPS for a huge number of common keywords, try searching for some basic html or css stuff. Example: css background. I imagine they get HUGE traffic and "I came here using IE by mistake" visits are a meaningless fraction.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 170

I have a friend who's primary computer (over 10 years old) still runs OS9 . Not only that - he's hooked via a 128 (or was it 256) kbps line that costs him more than a 30Mbps cable that's available in his area. He works in graphics and every time I hear "it works for me", I'm crying a little.

Comment Re:Where it goes is kind of meaningless (Score 1) 469

Well, it depends. If you believe in what GP says, Intel did nothing wrong, deserves to have a monopoly and customers shouldn't have a choice.

To GP: we've paid much more simply because there was a monopoly. Look at any market that enjoys it. First example that comes to my mind: CAD software. Polish prices, pulled more or less out of my butt: AutoCAD: $5k, VectorWorks: $500. As far as my wife's concerned, they're pretty much equal, but everyone else uses AutoCAD and she needs to buy a copy.

Comment Re:Screenshots (Score 1) 180

I've "burned" the beta on a pendrive - the wallpaper is different than @ these screenshots. The new one is kinda ugly, AFAIR even the GTK theme is different (back to human).

BTW, it's funny how they always release those super hot screenshots some time (1 or 2 days) before a new release is made. And it always gets to the front page of digg, linked from lifehacker and so on. I could never understand the point of doing this, apart from an obvious reason, which is getting visitors cheaply. They show a few dozen of screens with apps that haven't changed at all.

Comment UK vs. Poland (Score 1) 279

I spend considerable amounts of time in both countries.

In Poland I pretty much get the advertized speeds, maybe it's slightly slower in peek hours. Currently I'm connected via cable - 6 Mbps and yesterday's episode of House is coming home almost that fast.

I've lived in two different houses in UK over the past 1.5 years and used the web at friend's house numerous times. Every house had DSL connection (speeds between 6 and 10 Mbps) from different providers. It's decent during the day (I'd say ~3 Mbps), but once everyone comes back home from school/work (~5p.m.) speeds drop to below 512 kbps (web, anything out of the standard ports range drops to a crawl).


Submission + - Geany - A Perfect Programming IDE

muszek writes: "Complain as much as you want about software availability under Linux, but when it comes to programming tool, we don't have to feel inferior. Over the past one and a half decades, geeks created many editors... for other geeks. But what about casual programmers? Those that want a simple and lightweight IDE? Ubuntu News has a review of Geany — a quite new, but really well designed editor that has all of the essential features and manages to be easy to pick up. What programming IDE(s) do you use under Linux? What makes it better than other tools?"

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