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Comment Powershell (Score 1) 118

I'll just throw this out there: I was tasked with the same requirement of backing up people's desktops 6-7 years ago and the solution that I went with was some home-grown Powershell scripts and using the built-in VSS service on the workstations.

I grab the bare necessary files to rebuild a workstation and then dump the backups to the user's home directory on the server (which is then automatically backed up). Take a look at the scripts I wrote

Comment Re:America! F-Yeah! (Score 2) 435

Here's the rub -- if the company owns significant address space, they're likely using it for their internal systems as well, not external access only.

I worked at Eastman Kodak for a number of years (who, at least at one point, owned a significant amount of public IP space) and we used public IPs for all of our internal systems as well, no NAT'ing private address ranges.

Comment Re:Hardware VPN device (Score 1) 173

Yes, there is an annual cost for support on the device. However, it's minimal (~$70/year) and the ability to manage and monitor from anywhere is nice. I'm actually not sure what functionality is lost without maintenance, but I assume it's like most of their other products in that you stop receiving updates but it continues working fine with the last installed version.

Comment Hardware VPN device (Score 1) 173

You could do all of this through software (openVPN, etc.), but honestly life is too short to go through all the effort required as well as making sure it all works and stays updated. I'm getting too old for this crap and just need something that works in the least amount of time and effort required.

I'd recommend you look at something like the Meraki MX64/MX64W at all three locations, it will do all of the necessary tunneling and filtering you need (with the advanced security license), as well as allow you to monitor what is happening on the network.

Additionally, it's all cloud managed so you can view and configure the device from anywhere.

I deploy these at work for our remote offices, and just purchased a similar setup at home (an MX64 and two MR18). I can filter what my kids get to as well as easily support remote backups and administration at my parents home.

Comment Just went through the same thing (Score 1) 317

I was laid off earlier this year, and like you, did not have any certs. From my research, the one that seems to pay off the best, and is in reasonable demand is ITIL. If you want to go more technical, look at CCNA and A+. All are fairly cheap and especially the ITIL can be fairly easy to study for and pass if you've been working in IT management for a while.

Comment Re:Effects on Martian atmosphere (Score 1) 48

It took 70 years for voyager to reach the heliopause

Um, actually the Voyager probes were launched in the late 70s, so it's been less than 40 years.

A return trip would certainly take a while longer due to slowing down, sample gathering, and then managing to accelerate back home. But this wouldn't be the first time that projects have begun that are longer than a typical human lifespan.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 282

This doesn't have anything to do with a kernel fork; indeed, in the Windows world you're using the same kernel and drivers regardless of workstation, server, etc.

This has more to do with the support systems in place, eg, using standard init scripts, leaving logs in text format, etc.

Comment Works Great! (Score 1) 93

I saw the announcement yesterday afternoon, and found it listed already in my available games (since I had previously purchased it for Windows, under WINE).

It works wonderfully under Linux: it's faster, uses less resources, and doesn't crash nearly as often as it did under WINE.

I'm extremely happy, as this was one of the few reasons I still have a WINE install in place.

Comment Re:When you turn it on... (Score 1) 125

I did what you suggested, spent about 10 minutes looking around.

Yes, there are buildings, and yes there are cars. But, I saw hardly any cars (mainly buses, and only a handful of those), and I also didn't see any parking lots. So, either I completely missed it, or you're seeing something I'm not.

Just for kicks, I looked up a list of the world's poorest countries, and picked #1, Congo. While I don't see as many industrial/high-rise buildings in the cities (definitely many more individual homes) I see more cars and other signs of human travel and habitation.

Comment Lazy Programmers (Score 1) 778

I'm sorry, but the statement

Today there are a lot of programmers of the opinion that if the user has JavaScript off then its their own fault and consuming the page without JavaScript is as silly as trying to consume it without HTML.

is asinine. It's not difficult to put a noscript tag with a reasonable explanation for clients. All production sites should have graceful fall-back for accessibility and other client issues anyway.

Comment Re:I'll remember the pain. (Score 1) 285

You're absolutely right. However, I'll admit to now being one of the people giving up. I happily spent days tweaking every config.sys and highmem option 20 years ago. Nowadays I'm lucky to get 2-3 hours a week to play, and I'm not going to waste half of it just trying to get the damn game started. Hell, I just bought and started playing the original Bioshock last week, and made sure before I did that it worked 100% under Wine before I did.

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