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Comment Re:BSD (Score 1) 107

Running Gentoo. Full KDE5 desktop.

Never installed PulseAudio or Network Manager. doing great with WPA_GUI and Jack2/Cadence. Bluetooth doesn't depend on either, and my wiimotes/speakers work great with the bluetooth stack.

Jack allows me to take a WebRTC audio stream, pipe it into FL Studio (Under WINE!) for effects, and then pipe that output into Skype/Audacious/Audacity/VLC/ffmpeg/Carla at the same time, to as many different sound outputs as I want (even on different PC's!), in _realtime_. PulseAudio is a toy.

Comment A complete sham (Score 3, Interesting) 107

If you're really concerned about security, you are likely running OpenBSD or a heavily-modified linux kernel by now.

Linus Torvalds was asked during a LinuxWorld keynote two years back if he was told by government agents to put hardware backdoors in linux. he said no, while nodding yes. His father, Nils Torvalds, a member of EU parliament, put it on the record that his son was approached by government agents requesting backdoors.

There is a known issue with the random number generator being _forced_ to do hardware-based (known to be broken on Intel/AMD chipsets) random number generation. under Open/Net/FreeBSD, there's an intermediary (software) random number generator that ensures actual randomness. Linus uncharacteristically led this charge to keep the RDRAND weakened, even resorting to calling others stupid for thinking otherwise. a prominent developer resigned due to it.

There is at least one recent Intel Management Engine talk at last year's Chaos Communication Congress. There was a similar talk the year before about AMD chipsets and their secret undocumented internal firmware. If you enjoy strong encryption, you would be wise to apply the proposed RDRAND patches that Linus rejected.

Now that all the major distributions have adopted systemd, there's now a full RPC backdoor to not only the GPL's linking requirements, but a backdoor to run "Approved" (by whom? we'll get to that) code automatically. Many people have pubatlicly posited that systemd will be the cause of "The Big One" vulnerability that eventually comes out of Linux and ruins its reputation.

Now, for the Ubuntu side: Canonical is incorporated in City of London, which means they are under the jurisdiction of GCHQ. Anyone who has watched/read a talk by Moxie Marlinspike will know that SSL/TLS is easily-spoofable by nation states. They will probably also know how exploitable SSL/TLS is today. All the draconian crap the GCHQ has jurisdiction over can easily be extended to a corporation registered under their governance. If Canonical refuses, they will be forced to, the way Google is forced to comply in the United States under similar framework. End result is that you cannot trust anything beyond your initial install CD, if you can even trust that.

You will likely never look through the custom patches compiled into your binaries, let alone think about Ken Thompson's "Trusting Trust" essay. You will just download your updates, and assume everything is A-OK. You are an end-user, and that's okay. Just don't think Shuttleworth's words are anything but a big fat placebo to keep his stock value afloat.

Comment very cool process. (Score 1) 1

to date, I haven't found anyone into canadian law that has ever seen a reverse class proceeding. It's certainly the first time I've seen one.

the format is rather useful; one could easily see how such a format could be used for other proceedings (assaulted by police that refuse to identify themselves? no problem!), and if approved by the courts, it could be a very powerful tool to stop semi-anonymous government corruption.

Comment Re:Explanation please (Score 1) 7

Nice seven-digit UserID.

You weren't around for Kuro5hin. You don't understand the culture. To even attempt to compare it to /. shows how little you know, considering you weren't around for /.'s culture, either.
Maybe next you can tell us about your opinions on everything2.com? I bet you'll have all sorts of similar insights.

Bottom line, we appreciate your attempt at posting, even if you have nothing to contribute.

Submission + - Malware Taps Windows "God Mode"

wiredmikey writes: Researchers from Intel Security recently discovered that a piece of malware dubbed "Dynamer" is taking advantage of a Windows Easter Egg called “God Mode” to gain persistency on an infected machine.

God Mode, which can prove a handy tool for administrators, allows users to create a folder and give it a special name, which turns it into a shortcut to Windows settings and folders such as control panels, My Computer, or printers. However, the Dynamer malware is abusing the function, and installing itself into a folder inside of the %AppData% directory and creates a registry run key that persists across reboots. Using a “com4” name, Windows considers the folder as being a device, meaning that the user cannot easily delete it. Given that Windows Windows treats the folder “com4” folder differently, Windows Explorer or typical console commands are useless when attempting to delete it.

Submission + - Dissension Grows Inside Anonymous Because of Different Political Views (softpedia.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Political tensions relating to the US presidential race are creating turmoil inside the Anonymous hacker collective, muddling waters even more in a group that's known for its lack of leadership and a common goal.

The most recent Anonymous infighting relates to the actions of the group's most famous news portal known as AnonHQ, who's been showing downright public support for Bernie Sanders, while being extremely busy at bashing Trump, Cruz, and more recently issuing video threats against Clinton.

Ever since Anonymous' official news source has started showing public support for Sanders, many of the group's divisions have publicily disavowed it and have even gone so far as launching constant wave of DDoS attacks at what once used to be the hacker's official news portal. Last month, when a former Anonymous member decided to dox himself, he said in interviews that the group had been infiltrated by government agents.

Submission + - Harvard professor writes post admitting he was wrong about solar power (electrek.co)

Socguy writes: The Keith group has posted an expert analysis basically saying that their 2008 and 2011 projections were wrong. In those papers the group projected that the cost of solar had a 50% chance to drop to $0.03/W by 2030. In the most recent analysis they note that the current unsubsidized cost of PV in optimal locations is $0.04/W and could easily be $0.02/W by 2020 making solar the cheapest source of electricity on the planet. http://www.keith.seas.harvard....

Submission + - Voltage Pictures Launches Canadian BitTorrent Lawsuit With Reverse Class Action (michaelgeist.ca) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Michael Geist reports that Voltage Pictures, which previously engaged in a lengthy court battle to require Canadian ISPs to disclose the names of alleged file sharers, has adopted a new legal strategy. This week, the company filed an unusual application in Canadian federal court, seeking certification of a reverse class action against an unknown number of alleged uploaders of five movies using BitTorrent. The use of reverse class actions is very rare in Canada and raises a host of legal concerns.

Comment Disgusting (Score 1) 381

I logged in after a few years of lurking because of how truly offended I was by this submission.

This is not the /. I remembered. /. would not have tolerated such astroturfing in comments, nevermind allow it to make it to the front page. slashdot would have modded all these astroturfing comments -1 Troll, and the metamoderation would have said those -1's were fair. this submission proves that the libertarian-geeks that used to reign supreme on /. no longer post or live here. this submission proves /. was a failed revolution.

If there's an admin around looking at this, could you delete my account? I want nothing to do with this site anymore.

Comment Re:It's kind of telling... (Score 1) 194

This is not the Slashdot we knew. It's been handed down to at least two companies by now. it's prettier now, but the soul disappeared.

All the good vibes of /. now exist on hackernews, but that's starting to go downhill as well. It seems that there's a cycle to the nerd news site: unknown and small -> good community -> community you actually mention to others as newsworthy -> purchased by a large corporation -> Trolls and newbs take notice -> eternal september commences -> site abandoned by quality participants.

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