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Submission + - Stop the Internet Blacklist (

woulduno writes: Just the other day, President Obama urged other countries to stop censoring the Internet. But now the United States Congress is trying to censor the Internet here at home. A new bill being debated this week would have the Attorney General create an Internet blacklist of sites that US Internet providers would be required to block.

This is the kind of heavy-handed censorship you'd expect from a dictatorship, where one man can decide what web sites you're not allowed to visit. But the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to pass the bill this week — and Senators say they haven't heard much in the way of objections! That's why we need you to sign our urgent petition to Congress demanding they oppose the Internet blacklist.

Comment Colleges are easy targets (Score 2, Interesting) 285

Recent grad here. Our university has a closed network where each person has a unique IP. All the MPAA has to do is send the college an e-mail about it and your access is shut down and you have to write this really long letter about how sorry you are that you did that before they turn your internet back on again. Sometimes that's not enough. Apparently for a while RIAA was having some kids settling out of court for thousands of dollars. The MPAA and RIAA know colleges are an easy target because they have a much higher success rate of finding out exactly who was on the other end of that torrent.

Comment Re:COTS = COST (Score 1) 349

THANK YOU. I am not a big fan of Sony. I do not own a PS3. But I can't figure out why everyone is in such an uproar over this. Sony loses money on every PS3 they sell. When people start buying tons of PS3s just for the ability to put Linux on it instead of buying games, Sony loses more money. I'm sorry, but I cannot blame Sony for removing the feature. The USAF will have to actually buy super computers from companies that do it for profit.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 248

That said, the only time Blizzard could make Authenticators mandatory would be at a game-changing event

They could make the authenticators free. If Blizzard ate the cost of the authenticators and then refused (or made it really hard) to restore accounts that didn't purchase an authenticator, they'd probably save enough money on support to pay for the authenticators.


Source Code of Several Atari 7800 Games Released 153

jadoon88 writes to share a series of old Atari 7800 games that have been unofficially open sourced. "Remember Dig Dug or Centipede or Robotron? They used to be favorites when Atari's 7800 series was still around. Since the era of those consoles is over, and a different world of interactive reality gaming has taken over, Atari has unofficially released source code of over 15 games for the coders and enthusiasts to admire the state-of-the-art (because this is what it was back then). During those times, nobody would have imagined in their wildest dreams the games that Atari's developers floated into the gaming thirsty market and instantly swept across continental boundaries. But things changed soon after that and a company once regarded as one of the most successful gaming console manufacturers and developers faded away in the pages of our technology's hall-of-fame."

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