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Comment BRAVO (Score 1) 77

Good to know there are smart people out there. SUN went downhill a number of years ago when McNealy was still jaw flapping about how badly Microsoft sucked and how the network was the computer and we'd make the world a better place. Then CPU failures helped crash a few thousand businesses...the dotcom bust came and well the rest is over $300,000 in 2002 money stock options down the tubes. Oracle should have let SUN squander and then bought up the pieces at a garage sale. Good to see these guys jump ship and make sure that JRuby lives on after the fact. I wish them the best of luck and admire them for their chutzpah. Michael Murdock, CEO (Formerly SUN's WESTERN AREA AIC for StarCat/StarKitty) 1998-2002

Comment Apple doesn't have to replace Jobs (Score 1) 405

People are missing they point. You're not replacing Steve. Nobody can. What you're doing is putting in someone who can run and lead Apple. The person Steve Jobs is, is unique. The next person coming in when that time comes will not have shoes or sneakers to fill. They'll be tasked with keeping a company on track and keeping the employees, the clients and the investors happy. If they happen to have a spark of creativity in them that's a good thing. If they happen to be able to inspire people to a greater extension of their inner greateness..that's a good thing. But to actually try and replace Steve...they broke that mold at 1 fitting and he's pretty freaking unique. Michael

Comment Yahoo and the next generation (Score 1) 199

Am actually glad to see the transition. But one thing Jerry Yang should know and I would ask the next CEO to do (I know I would if the position comes to me) he's not Chief Yahoo anymore. In fact he's not welcome on company property any longer. You step down after driving the company into the ground, you're out. Time for new blood in the chair and at the boardroom table as well. New Board, New Leadership, New ideas, and new gains.

Employees FIRST, then CLIENTs, THEN INVESTORS. Yes it's a public company, but without the employees to run it you're screwed. Without the clients buying the products, you're screwed more, and without the investors to help move things along to support that vision with some're closed. You can please all of them, but it takes passion and vision. Two things that have been sadly lacking at Yahoo.

I challenge any incoming CEO candidate to match me:

I am ready to come in and make changes and turn the company around. All I need is the backing of the board and some others out there. Icahn are you reading this? If so...let's talk.

Michael Murdock, CEO
former Apple CEO Candidate 1997

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