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Comment Cable is dead! (Score 1) 380

I severed the cord from Cable in 2007. No way I was going to pay over $100 for internet and channels that I did not want. We all know how to get shows via downloads, (torrents, ect). But now the streaming services (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Youtube) are starting to have their own content. Hell, my wife watches the Soaps she missed online, no bubbles, no troubles. Some of the cable channels get the whole online thing, just look at comedy central. I'm sure people that are connected to the internet would be willing to pay for channels they want to stream (HBO, ESPN, ect).

Comment Oh the Memories (Score 2) 263

Man, the C64...does it bring back the memories. Load "*", 8 I got one when I was 6th grade, and I would spend hours messing around with it. Then in middle school, we started getting them set up on a network. It was really awesome! I also had a modem for it, where I would have to dial a number on the phone, the put the hand set on it to communicate. Nothing like getting on the boards at 16k.

Comment Re:SIP on Gingerbread (Score 1) 208

If you do the google voice/sipgate thing, then you can use a program to do a data call to your sip number, and make a phone call that way (via data). I do this all the time when I don't have a signal (sprint) but WiFi. On 3g, the call quality is good, and people don't notice that I am on a data connection. It does kill my cell phone battery though....but it's a small price to pay for cheap phone calls...

Comment Google Voice (Score 1) 289

You could get a google voice number, and then do the SIPgate/sipsorcery thing with I have my wife set up with that now, and she uses it all the time while she's deployed. She has Fring set up on her ipod touch, and has the sip portion set up with setting, the call quality is great. If you're with Verizon, then get an android phone and download sipdroid. Have the setting with google voice to ring your sipgate number, and you'll be all set. (how to set up google voice with sipgate/sipsorcery)

Submission + - Newzbin 2 site up and running (

muppetman462 writes: It looks like newzbin is back and up. Clicking on the site today provided this:

"We are pleased to announce that Newzbin2 is now live and featuring unfiltered NZB Reports.

There are catches and we don't want you having too high expectations for now. To be blunt, we've been struggling to understand the site code & systems. The backend is way more complicated than we realised. Some of it is busted and some services we don't know how to operate fully yet. We are working hard but we thought, based on comments on the blog, that it would be better to run a partial Newzbin clone now rather than leave it for a couple of months until we do grok it all. Understand that things are likely to be a bit wobbly for a while and stuff may well fall over, but we hope to kick things into shape soon.

We dont have a functional payment system in place yet so the site will be free for a week or two. When we get a credits system running we will be respecting the credits you have left over from Newzbin.

Obviously we hope that you editor administrators and editors will remain with us as you are truly valuable: all users have the same status they did when Newzbin shut down as we didn't alter anything. Obviously if you no longer wish to be an editor your status can be changed.

We'll try and answer your questions in the comments.

Mr White/Team R Dogs

Requests for SSL support noted. We'll try top get this working ASAP. not yet working but we are on it.

There appears to be some kind of issue with our mail system and the sending of passwords: if you have an issue please add it as a ticket rather than a PM."

Of course surfing for p0rn is not running yet, but this is a good sign....

Comment Welcome to America (Score 1) 329

Google got all the hip going for this phone, and probably thought that only the "super geek" would get it. Now that Ma an Pa Bell are getting this phone, and don't know how to enter in the information for looking onto the cell phone network, or how to send text message, google will find out how "smart" the average american is :)

Comment Why not get rid of the 'net? (Score 1) 203

This is completely insane. Blaming P2P for the leak instead of having control over the documents. I know with the NMCI system, anything that is transferred to a external hard drive is encrypted. If the US Government wants to stop these types of leaks, maybe they should ask Al Gore how to stop his wonderful invention.

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