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Comment Re: So completely ass backwards (Score 2) 78

Those like my employer where my present location has 1100 seats. I can't go around installing printer drivers all day or close the company down because we had to move a copier and the installed print driver only works for a specific port.

Reinstalling the driver 1100 times is not an option!

Who has 1100 seats and DOESN'T have some form of automated deployment tool? That sounds like job #1 to me...

Submission + - First steps towards network transparency for Wayland (

munwin99 writes: For the longest time, when bringing up Wayland a recurring question was "what about network transparency?!" Well, Samsung's Derek Foreman has today published the set of Wayland patches for providing Wayland network transparency by pushing the Wayland protocol over TCP/IP.

Comment Movie (Score 1) 129

Personally I'd love it if Blizzard simply made the WoW movie the same as they do for these trailers. At least we know it's fake (as opposed to dressing up people and using effects to look 'real'), just run with it and make good use of it as they do now.

Comment Re:TPM is all you need. (Score 1) 100

Edz, you just disproved your own point. No normal user I know gives a crap about any of those features. Tech users, yeah, sure. Normal users, no way. NONE of them make the pain and expense of an upgrade worthwhile. Pain because things change and they have to relearn them. Expense because upgrading costs money for the OS and (usually) money to have someone do it for them. Add to that the fact that the press and others have written off the interface (no comment on it from me here) and they see no compelling reason to spend money for something they don't care about and which they have been told is bad.

Submission + - Australian Greens demand public access to cloak and dagger anti-piracy meetings (

Fluffeh writes: "Continuing the recent stories on the secret, closed door, FOI blocked talks, the Australian Greens have filed a motion in the Senate requesting that the Government release documents regarding its closed door meetings on Internet piracy which the Attorney-General’s Department has blocked from being released under Freedom of Information laws. This morning, Greens Communications Spokesperson Scott Ludlam filed an order in the Senate that the Government disclose details of the most recent meeting. “The Government refuses to reveal almost any information about the attendees, the substance or the outcomes of the meeting,” he said in a separate statement. “A Freedom of Information request from a journalist looks like it’s been met with maximum resistance.”"

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