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Comment Re:I work in fracking industry (Score 1) 191

Are you saying I don't understand what I am doing because I make money doing it (and if I understood it I would surely stop)? If that is the case that is idiotic. I have to understand all that it entails including the current information on its impact to the environment. Come on out and see for yourself rather than throwing barbs from afar. I am not the only person in my company with an advanced degree, it is absurd to think that we don't understand what we are doing or that we are blinded by money and are shills for the oil and gas companies. The company I work for is very small so we are not some huge oil conglomerate.
If you really dislike fracking so much you should all stop driving, or using plastic or the hundreds of other products oil is used to make (even "green" public transportation uses oil, like the plastic subway seats). Even wind turbines use oil based lubricants and parts. People should stop complaining about an industry that they benefit from everyday and are unwilling to recognize those benefits or give up using products created by what the industry produces.

Comment I work in fracking industry (Score 2) 191

95% of what is said her regarding fracking is incorrect. Go work for a fracking company for a few months and see how it is done, you will see exactly what is in the "contaminated" water. Many companies R &D departments are working on ways to re-use "contaminated" water to frac with multiple times so only a very small percentage of "new" water would be needed per frac. The water table where I frac isn't very deep, the place where the fracking is being done is about 2 miles past the water table and near the top of the wellbore there are 7-8 layers of casing (depends on company), cement and steel between the wellpipe and the ground around it, for the "contaminated" water to impact the water table it would have to bypass all those layers and that isn't going to happen. The oil and gas companies also subsidize the county and city to provide for more water testing just to ensure the public trust, not to mention we do our own testing. We live here and drink the water here, do you really think all the lab and engineering employees would use the local water supply if it were contaminated? Learn about fracking on your own and stop letting Matt Damon think for you.

Comment Top 20 for me (Score 1) 382

Tabletop/paper and pen: Axis and Allies (any version) Shogun/Samurai Swords/Ikusa Settlers of Catan Carcasonne (any version) Stone Age Agricola Chess Rifts (Palladium books) Go Puerto Rico Computer: WoW Diablo 1-3 Age Of Empires 1-3 Hearts Of Iron (any version or anything Paradox makes basically) Total War games (Shogun, Medieval, Rome, Empire) Civ (any version been playing since it was just Civilization) Master of Orion (1 or 3) Neverwinter Nights series Baldur's Gate series Runescape (don't laugh too hard)

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