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Comment Re:Not all rosy (Score 2) 154

I'm curious, in what way does turning threads into processes overrun CPU resources? Threads can peg the CPU meter on multiple cores just as easily as processes can. Is it a page table thing or an OS scheduler thing or what?

It seems to me that you have an operating-system level problem. If nice and ulimit and the OS scheduler aren't cutting it, then they need to be improved or replaced.

Comment Re:This should be a global effort. (Score 1) 147

Coal converts 30-40% of the energy in the expended fuel to electricity. Solar converts a lot more than 100% of the energy in the expended fuel to electricity. Solar is more efficient.

Those 10-25% measure something else, which also happens to be a kind of efficiency, but that doesn't make it a meaningful comparison.

Comment Re:Multi-pronged attack or just multiple attacks? (Score 1) 31

But how?


Everyone's under a lot of pressure to get things back up and running, and that's a big incentive to cut corners with procedure. Suppose someone calls you during a DDOS crisis and says "hi, I'm the highly paid consultant your boss' boss hired to handle this. I need you to go to and download and run the DDOS diagnostics tool." You can't reach your boss to verify because your email and IP phones are down. What would you do? Do you have the guts to say no and risk being the guy who delayed recovery for hours, costing your company a million dollars?

Comment Re:Problem is they're different (Score 1) 106

If you're a lock-pick maker, and 90% of your sales go to burglars, then you may very well be on the hook. Especially if you know it and do nothing.

I'm not saying that's what KT did, just that you can't absolve them in advance because they're in some logical category with a level of indirection from any actual crime. The law isn't math.

Comment Re:Justice? (Score 1) 302

- is this what passes for 'justice' today?

Prosecutors and police enforcing the laws passed by your democratically elected representatives? Yes, I should hope so.

Government may have a function, that function being enforcing contract law and dealing with fraud. That is all that any government should ever have any power to do. Everything else is oppression, not justice.

That's democracy for you. Sometimes the 51% passes laws that the 49% doesn't like. I'm sorry you don't like it.

Comment Re:Markdown please (Score 2) 546

2. It should make it easier on your end to sanitize input.

How? By sticking your head in the sand and pretending that since it's a text-based format, you don't need to parse it, you can just shove it into whatever library came up as the first hit in a search for "convert markdown html perl"?

markdown is a DWIM syntax, and that sort of thing is always extremely complicated. HTML is simple and predictable to parse. markdown is anything but. If you disagree, show me an EBNF for markdown.

I do agree that better support for posting snippets of code would be nice. But then they could just implement <pre>.

Comment Re:Target audience (Score 1) 223

They have a group of people who appreciate their site so much that they bought an app to improve the experience. It stands to reason that the same people - at least some of them - might be prepared to pay for a subscription.

I'm sure this business model will work out for you in the long run.

I don't see why not. It's not like the "customers" they lose are bringing in any revenue.

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