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Comment Re:Apple Human Interface Guidelines Redux (Score 1) 462

If I had mod points, you'd be 5 Insightful. Apple literally wrote the book on UI design in the 1980s and 1990s and somehow forgot. It's like that old civilization joke: "The Irish actually invented civilization, drank a bunch of Guiness, and forgot where they put it." I am guessing the same thing applies to Apple, only with Kool-Aid and UI design!

Comment Re:Relevance? (Score 5, Insightful) 462

Mobile changed a lot about how UI should work.

As a UI designer I can unequivocally say, No, no it did not. Mobile devices created a few caveats but did not change a lot about how UI should work. I am sick of these new UI/UX people that seem to think that all the lessons learned about good UI over the previous 30 years is somehow obsolete, meanwhile they keep making UI/UX mistakes that were made 20 years ago! The research and lessons learned from the 1980s and 1990s still apply to UI design today on mobile devices as they do on desktops and laptops. One major caveat being the input device and the corresponding minimum "click" area difference between a mouse pointer and a finger. There are others, but most are subtle variations on established best practices with only a few exceptions for things like gyroscope or accelerometer interactions.

We did flat interfaces well, and long before we tried faux 3D interfaces. So that argument also falls flat. We didn't replace long established iconography for things like shuffle and repeat settings with textual representations. Why? Because text takes longer for the brain to process! Good UI depends on established graphical standards and commonly used iconography to be successful, building on successes of the past. Now, everyone seems to think they can reinvent the wheel and are failing miserably.

I am all for innovation and new things, but not at the expense of efficiency and usability when applied to UI/UX design. Ive and these other UI/UX idiots need to be slapped and sent back to design school for UI/UX or just stick to hardware!

Comment Re: Nice! (Score 2) 224

I see no indication the dock is not included in the $99 introductory offer, and the review I read on clearly indicates the dock is included...

You better read the reviews because you're totally and completely wrong. No dock included at $99. And the $39 dock is "out of stock". LOL

Bo X.
10/26/2015 12:56:55 PM
Tech Level: Somewhat High
Ownership: less than 1 day
4 out of 5 eggsLooking forward to it
Pros: This is a smart phone size computer stick product. It has embodied battery that can support it for 4 hours. The best part is that you can use an iPad as its screen, think of using it on an iPad pro, the experience could be amazing. I have just ordered it, I will post more once I have it.

Cons: The machine itself does not provide any I/O ports, and what is really ridiculous is that the dock which provides I/O ports is out of stock. How am I supposed to use it without connecting to a display? Wirelessly? If they provide 4G Ram and 64Gb SSD, it will be fine if the price is higher. Obviously, they are not providing that option.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

Valentin S.
10/26/2015 11:39:00 AM
Tech Level: High
Ownership: less than 1 day
5 out of 5 eggsIs dock included?
Pros: Looks like an awesome pocketable Windows 10 PC with the latest Atom CPU, and well-designed and well-built
Has a fingerprint reader. No more passwords! (Note: this is based on pictures only, I have just ordered the device).

Cons: No I/O ports without the dock.
The only storage option is 32GB eMMC, would be nice to have a 64GB version.
Seems like it has vents. The CPU is only 2W - there should be no vents and definitely no fan, especially with an aluminum case.

Other Thoughts: Ordered one. The lack of detailed information bothers me, especially the fact that Newegg sells the dock separately and it is already out of stock! How am I supposed to connect everything if the dock is not included?
Will update the review when I get the device.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 712

What child's death? And what juvenile fantasy are you talking about? I am rebutting some ridiculous straw man argument someone proposed about having only two options when dealing with police malfeasance. The ad hominem attack was just as ridiculous as the rest of your statements. Buh-bye.

Comment Can do that now (Score 1) 121

I can make my own router out of existing open hardware like the RPi, but it's not cost effective to do so when I can buy a commodity home router for under $100USD (or $200 for a nice one) and have it last several years. It's a nice idea on paper, but it's just not practical given what the average consumer can get off the shelf today without the hassle of trying to build and configure the damn thing themselves. The parts alone are going to cost more than OTS routers today, and then you have to figure in the cost of your time. Pointless. Nice for people who tinker and want to play, but lousy for the average joe/josephine. I also don't get what's open hardware about Turris Omnia, as it uses all the same brand name components OTS routers use that are compatible with OpenWRT and DDWRT? Will check out how much they want for the thing when they start their crowdfunding campaign, but my guess is this will die on the vine.

Comment Re:Grace Hopper (Score 2) 187

She did far more for computer science than Ada Lovelace, and she did far more at defying social gender norms than Ada Lovelace.

If anyone should be celebrated for breaking social barriers AND important contributions at the same time, it should be her, not Lovelace.

Or, try going back further into history, like Hypatia or Pythagoras' wife, Theano, and daughters. I'm sure there are more in the eastern cultures as well that may predate those examples. No, it has to be a white chick from Britain that we honor. What a crock of shit!

Comment Re:It should be obvious (Score 1) 375

Astrology is a systematic, empirical study of the relationship between the alignment of planetary bodies and the observable traits and behavior of humans.

No, it's not.

Correct, it is not. Astrology was a system established to explain human traits based on a quaint assumption that the stars, planets and comets had something to do with it. Astrology was a (misguided) way of explaining where human traits come from. Today, we know that some traits are inherited and some are learned from the environment/society we live in and are exposed to, thanks to real science and empirical study. Astrology is hokum, but it makes the less-scientifically minded folks think their being scientific; in an ancient Greek or Chinese way. Astrology is as much a science as reading tea leaves or goat entrails to predict the future.

Comment Re:A partner to back them up (Score 1) 712

Many would be shooters wouldn't try anything if they knew it was 2 against 1. It would give the arresting officer much more confidence in his safety and thus he would less likely to draw his sidearm.

We should go back to the model where police are always out on patrol in pairs.

Yeah, because that has worked so well in NYC and LA that gun violence is almost ... wait, what? They still have gun violence in those cities with two cops riding in each squad car? Reality does not match your asserted scenario. If someone has been driven to gun violence, they're not going to just give up when confronted with superior numbers of opposing force. Criminals can have guns with more than six rounds and extra clips. The idiots will keep shooting until they're brought down, unfortunately. Better to keep the guns out of their hands to begin with.

Comment Re:Would No Lethal Force Work? (Score 1) 712

That's why all those other countries are crime ridden hell holes compared to the US. The only way to turn the world into a paradise on Earth is guns, more guns and extra guns!

What "other countries" are you or the OP referring to? I hope you were trying to be facetious, because there are several countries where the police don't regularly carry guns, and there is no death penalty option where people have a higher standard of living and less crime than the U.S. does. Pick any Scandinavian country as an example, or the UK if you like places that speak English. Hell, even Russia abolished the death penalty for fscks sake! not that their standard of living is better than ours, but come on!

Comment Re:Would No Lethal Force Work? (Score 1) 712

You have to wonder what the effect would be on the criminally minded if they believed that the worst case scenario with the police was that they would be immobilized.

Well, you're limiting the scope of the punishment to the pre-arrest phase. There's a lot more that happens to criminals after they've been immobilized and cuffed that is very life changing and unpleasant.

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