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Submission + - New treatment stops type II diabetes (

multicsfan writes: Injection of protein FGF1 stops weight induced diabetes in its tracks in mice. There appear to be no side effects. The cure lasts 2 days at a time. Future research and human trials are needed to both better understand and create a working drug. There are no signs of hypoglycemia.

Comment Re:windows embedded systems based on XP still get (Score 1) 246

That is only part of the cost, you need new memory as the old won't fit. There aren't enough PCI slots, no IDE support that I can see and not enough SATA connectors. An upgrade for me to run win7 (my Intel MB is not 64 bit) will cost between $370 (AMD) to $445 (Inte i5). I'm on full disability, this is something I need to plan and save up for as I have a very limited budget.

Comment Re:No Sympathy (Score 1) 413

Upgrading software to a new OS can cost $30k/seat and up as any changes require re certifying the software. Even AMD vs Intel cpu requires certification.

Getting some software re certified to run in a new environment can cost $10m +.
I know at least one company that is running 60's era emulators just due to the expense of getting their software re certified. All test cases MUST match previous results. rewriting the software might cost $10m, getting the certification might cost over $100m. The software is used to certify aircraft components design and testing.

Comment E10 increases petroleum consuption (Score 1) 330

If E10 is so good, why does my fuel consumption go up more then 10% when I use E10 vs pure gasoline? With E10 I actually use more petroleum gas per mile then with 100% gasoline. I track my mileage. A friend of mine reports the same problem and he also tracks his mileage.

I can see E85 saving petroleum fuel, but as best I can tell and anyone I know who tracks mileage, E10 INCREASES petroleum consumption.

Comment Gaming extensions (Score 1) 260

I started using Chrome for a couple online games as the extensions were easier to deal with in chrome. If those extensions get blocked I have no use for chrome and it will go poof. I use FF as my main browser, but it seems the newer versions have become pretty unstable. Under my normal use I can usually crash FF hard enough it can't restore my sessions as when it tries it again crashes. The EA online game is very hard to play without the extensions and these are the extensions approved by EA.

Comment Re:Why can't they start over ? (Score 1) 404

The big problem is the contractor didn't even get the blueprint right so the entire project from start to finish needs to be tossed and redesigned go back to specs and then get the specs cleaned up as from reading between the lines, part of the problem is the spec is also screwed up. This is a case of GIGO, Garbage in, Garbage out.

Comment Re:GET A JOB YA BUMS (Score 1) 305

Just because there are jobs, does not mean that the person(s) on welfare are qualified for any of those jobs and/or have the ability to even get to the job if they are qualified.

Some of those jobs pay so little that people on welfare can't afford to get the job. With the job they could not afford housing, food, transport to/from work, child care, medical expense, etc.

I am not saying that there is no fraud in the system, but the job situation is not that simple.

One way to improve the situation is to maybe do something like instead of benefits being a binary situation, ie you either qualify or don't to make it a graduated situation. You loose maybe $1 in benefits for every $2 you earn.

I'm also not sure how many of those jobs are not real, i.e., the advertized job may kinda exist, but the employer has no plans to actual hire anyone.

Comment Some companies don't get international trade (Score 1) 1

Some companies don't seem to understand international trade. Other countries have different rules/laws/ways of doing business. If you don't deal properly with those differences you make it very hard to do business with the people in those countries.

Aliendeath and I are playing in the same Lord of Ultima game. I've been playing for several years. Aliendeath is not the first player I've met that had problems with EA and trying to make payments.

These days if you want to really play the game and have a chance of doing well you need the minister pack. Ministers do things for you so you don't have to micromanage many things. A brand new player can get by without ministers for a couple weeks, but once you've grown enough, you really need ministers.

I'm on full disability so I'm home pretty much all the time and I use ministers. It is just too hard to keep up otherwise.

Comment Re:A hard time keeping on the forefront? (Score 1) 605

X86 is just one of the followers. The privilege rings started with Multics design back in the mid 60's/late 60's. Up to then most systems that had any protection used at most a 'kernel' mode and a user mode. Some used a start address and length/end registers loaded by the OS before transferring control to the user program. OS-360 used a 4 bit lock/key system. A key of 0 was only used by the OS and could access all memory. Each running program (up to 15) was assigned a key between 1 and 15 and could only access memory with the same key. IIRC keys worked on 4K boundaries so each 4K of memory could have a different key.

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