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Comment Can someone explain... (Score 2) 159

IANAL as will be pretty evident from this confused series of questions, but from the article: 'They claim to have patented the method of using GPS location on vehicles to determine when they will arrive at a certain place,'

So, did they patent it or not? And if they did, then who the hell approved it as a valid innovation???!
If they didn't patent it then it's just a case of straight up fraud isn't it? Conversely, if they do actually hold this patent, then isn't just as clear cut that this poor guy is infringing it - no matter how ridiculous that seems? The article seems to suggest that they are now reviewing whether the patent is valid or not - but once a patent is granted doesn't that automatically mean it's valid too?

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1, Insightful) 534

How does artificially cutting your children off from a huge part of the world help develop their brain in a healthy way? As opposed to teaching them how to interact with the world in a responsible and constructive way? Creating a little bubble to isolate your children from things that you don't understand, but one day they will not be able to work without, is the real dysfunction here.

Comment Re:What The Fuck? (Score 1) 216

First of all, some of the smartest people on the planet have facebook accounts - it is not solely the domain of "stupid" people and "idiots" as you put it. There are also plenty of people who have enough self discipline that they are able to refrain from using facebook while they are at work and do not spend every waking moment taking selfies and posting pics of food they are about to eat. That you are unable to see this and instead implement a blanket hiring policy which eliminates candidates based on their social media preferences suggests that you yourself, sir, are in fact an idiot.

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