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Comment Re:Unfortunate (Score 1) 136

Um, MANY cell phone repairs can be done with nothing more than a replacement part, the right screwdrivers, and a spudger. Add in a soldering iron and you can do even more. Admittedly, they're not repairs of the rework-station-needed type, but once you hit that point it's probably cheaper to just replace the damned phone.

It doesn't take all that much brain power to watch an ifixit teardown and replace a cracked screen/digitizer, or replace a battery.

As for "This will result in a bunch of idiots suing Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc. for a DECADE to try and force them to publish Service Manuals and provide "Spare Parts" for the (still unrepairable for most people, no matter what the law says) smartphones and other asininely-complicated embedded products, and to no real eventual outcome other than making some lawyers rich(er)." that will be Apple/Samsung/HTC etc's fault for not publishing the fucking manuals in the first place and instead trying to create monopolies on repair as well as planned obsolesence..

Comment Re:Why pre-installed? (Score 1) 128

Ironically enough, considering what absolute trash they make, I had an old HP laptop that ran either Lubuntu or Xubuntu (this was a few years back, sorry I don't remember which) perfectly with no hardware incompatibility weirdness whatsoever. Even the switchable graphics worked well, and that's always finicky. The biggest problem it had was overheating, and *buntu actually helped alleviate it by not pigging out on resources like Windows did. It turns out the overheating was because HP can't design airflow/cooling for shit and it was a purely poor-hardware-design issue, not even firmware involved. Cutting some of the vents larger with a Dremel fixed it.

The POS eventually suffered a short on the motherboard for no obvious reason, and I'll never buy HP again, but credit where it's due, Linux installed and ran perfectly on that one.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1, Insightful) 1560

In regards to her perception as a warmonger, the behavior towards Russia in the tail in of the election certainly helps convince me that she is one. Trying to start shit with an ICBM and submarine possessing nuclear power does not strike me as the actions of a rational actor, but the temper tantrum of a spoiled little shit who'd rather ruin things for everyone than not get her way. And on an international stage, the amount of people for whom shit can get ruined, and the degree to which it can get ruined, is too horrifying to allow her a chance to do so. She threatened military responses to hacking

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