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Comment Re:so once again... (Score 2) 102

I want to boost your comment with my "moderator points", but my script blocker only allows the obvious /. domains (slashdot,org, and, so the script running the moderator system coincidentally doesn't work here.

I suppose while I'm here, I should inject my newbie /. request to learn what domain(s) I should unblock for scripting purposes here, so plz feel free to enlighten me on this front.

I also suppose, along my starting sentences with "I" run, that probably everyone reading /. knows about script blocking, but security issues among the mainstream public are seriously problematic (at least in terms of potential attack vectors). It's not a knock against your valid point, but just a reasonably relevant informational nook where people can feel free to discuss it fwiw. , and possibly the XHR from

Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 1) 231

I get that feeling too; the way I explained it, Erdogan has proved himself a compulsive, comprehensive liar. So when he says "Pennsylvania Cleric did it!" you can be assured he did not. When he says "This coup was attempted by traitors!" you can be assured that the actions were carried out by loyal soldiers ...

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi & OSMC (Score 1) 226

I've got Kodi+Genesis on a Fire Stick, but that has (wireless) bandwidth problems. I've been told a (wired) Fire TV is better. I've also been told the update to Genesis, Exodus, is miles ahead.

But I'm still a fan of a dedicated PC with a decent ($50-$150) graphics card, a long HDMI cable (monoprice!), and a wireless keyboard/mouse.

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