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Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 1) 231

I get that feeling too; the way I explained it, Erdogan has proved himself a compulsive, comprehensive liar. So when he says "Pennsylvania Cleric did it!" you can be assured he did not. When he says "This coup was attempted by traitors!" you can be assured that the actions were carried out by loyal soldiers ...

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi & OSMC (Score 1) 226

I've got Kodi+Genesis on a Fire Stick, but that has (wireless) bandwidth problems. I've been told a (wired) Fire TV is better. I've also been told the update to Genesis, Exodus, is miles ahead.

But I'm still a fan of a dedicated PC with a decent ($50-$150) graphics card, a long HDMI cable (monoprice!), and a wireless keyboard/mouse.

Comment Hold on now... (Score 1, Interesting) 145

1) Fuck Facebook

2) Fuck Facebook in the eye.

3) Fuck Facebook in the eye with a broken bottle, but don't they just serve up content to French people? What is their liability here?

Someone's going to bring up the privacy implications, but can we for one second take some responsibility for ourselves?

This little Frenchman is upset because Facebook isn't letting him host content on their servers. What is his expected remedy here? If YOU owned a site and BOFH'd it and ruled with an iron fist, would you accept some pissant crying to city fucking hall about it?

Fuck Facebook, but fuck this whole situation and everyone involved, too. My server. Fuck off. When you cut me a check to host your hairy pussy festival, then you can sue me.

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