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Comment Re:Incompetent third world military is incompetent (Score 1) 124

Unfortunately for your argument, I live in Denver, so I'm very familiar with what a big ole jet airliner looks like from 60 miles away. Now that I've looked into the link a bit more, though, that page's theory indicates that the chopper would be pointing at a flight which was roughly 30 degrees from North, but the chopper's compass is never pointed past 10 degrees from North.

Comment Re:Hypocracy (Score 1) 236

I never thought I'd see the DNC get so low that they'd allow the most corrupt politician in American history be their front runner

That's some fine hyperbole there, commentor. Ever hear of "Boss" Tweed, Edwin Edwards, Rod Blagoevich, James Traficant, Duke Cunningham? *coughcough*LBJ?*coughcough*

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 574

Islamic radicals, incidentally, were the ones behind the assassination of that Russian diplomat.

Could "Islamic radicals" have cleared all the security from the room, leaving one young "off-duty" riot policeman, in a $5000 suit , alone to deliver his full message in full view of the assembled press?

Comment Re:As Someone Actually In Turkey (Score 1) 83

Hmm. I'm not sure that line exists. I'm sure that we would have "lunch counter" problems, still, in such instances.

I don't think that individuals have a natural right to refuse nominally-public-accommodation. I could be persuaded otherwise, but I am pretty sure that "Equal Protection Under the Law" has this interpretation.

The guiding principle is The Golden Rule. Why is it acceptable for someone's business to be rejected based on arbitrary criteria? Laws to eliminate patterns of discrimination are hardly a bad thing, no?

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