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Comment Re:Upgrade experience (Score 2) 91

I switched nearly 2 years ago and I can tell you its really good

Quantify "really good" for compsci nerds.

How many security updates have Pale Moon Devs done since "2 years ago"? The internet seems to unfortunately be a moving target. You'd think they'd run out of bugs eventually =-)

I ask these questions as someone who has frozen at an earlier FF (51?) on my personal desktop, and doesn't bother with it at all for work development, and is saddened by it.

I just don't think the Pale Moon team has the manpower to keep up.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 361

(Sorry for the delay; I don't let /. send me notifications of replies.)

The internet created a false expectation...the whole "information will set you free" bullshit

People create the false expectation. Especially people with something to sell, such as access to the Internet.

The internet lets people be dumb as shit about ever more stuff

People self-narrowing their sets of facts happens with or without the Internet.

The internet has given unprecedented power to manipulate large numbers of people for fun and profit to too many bad actors

Sure but the only difference in such broadcasted opinion/propaganda is the scope and pace. It's the exact same public opinion manipulation we've always had, but you're blaming the technology for some reason.

Why not completely block countries that sell counterfeit goods, that are the home of catfishers and email scams, or allow bulletproof hosting of kiddie porn and money laundering?

This is a different debate question than "internet is a net-bad for society". I haven't really thought too much about that question, but off the top of my head, do you support cutting off an Iranian med student's access to internet documentation on the basis of the country they were born in being a 'bad actor'?

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 361

Usually, you write some interesting, thoughtful things. This is not one of those cases: non sequitur after non sequitur blaming increasingly disassociated phenomena on the Internet. Also, Godwin'd. You are not wrong about hype and monetization, but what about some personal responsibility for the people who actually killed and displaced the millions? Those actors would much have preferred no Internet to spread the news of their wanton destruction.

Comment But the WORST bit... (Score 1) 56

But the WORST bit is that it forces pages to be developed in one way, "the Google Way", which may or may not bear any resemblance to the business request, much less maintainability.

Gigantic scam. Only helps Google, not the Web.

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