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Comment Mental Pigmies (Score 1) 1319

I don't want to be treated by a doctor whose religious beliefs, no matter what they are, are so much more powerful than their ability to reason that they walk out of a an evolution lecture. These are people who are entering an evidence based discipline, and a bigot (yes, I use the word correctly) has no place in such a field. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask your doctor their thoughts on evolution, refusing their services and branding them 'mental pigmies' based on their response, irrespective of their religious beliefs or lack thereof. But then, I don't live in the US nor the middle east, so I can afford to do that.

Comment Causation (Score 1) 171

Correlation does not equal causation. It could be that those with more grey matter are more attracted to games - rather than that the games are changing the brains. Eg. Doctors appear to be, on average, smarter than Athletes. Playing sport changes your brain and decreases your intelligence?

Comment Stop caring (Score 1) 338

As a licensed private investigator, I can tell you - no matter what you do, you leave data all over the place. The question is not "how do you stop this"... it's "how do you stop caring". This horse bolted YEARS ago, and the fact that people are only now noticing that the gate is open is hilarious to those of us in the know.

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