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Submission + - Vote against software patents (

muggs writes: The Washington Post is running a spring cleaning article. They list 10 things to get rid of this year. You can vote for one. With that limitation I had to pick the volunteer Army. Software patents would be my second choice, followed by grades.


Submission + - Can this be real?

muggs writes: According to this story:,
an European group is telling libraries they must pay for reading stories to kids. In a clarification they say that, although they have that right, they are just demanding that songs played in public be paid for. Might not be so bad if they charge the jerk in the next car for trying to deafen everybody around as much as himself.

Submission + - Why is The U.S. lagging on high speed internet? What can we do?

muggs writes: Having failed to pass sopa the companies have turned isps into their private internet cops. Along with that the U.S. lags behind many countries in the speed of our "high-speed" internet. Why is it happening? Why are we putting up with it? What can we do?

Submission + - Who owns the web? ( 1

muggs writes: What they couldn't get written into law they got through closed door business deal.

Submission + - Beam me up! (

muggs writes: This group wants to buy a satellite to beam free internet access around the globe. Can they pull it off?

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