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Comment Re:Then where will we fix everything?!?!?!!! (Score 1) 79

they're talking about offloading post to pre...

the work will all still be there, only now there's even more for the poor assistant editor to wrangle, because files wont be nicely named if they're done in a rush on set. forget about shot numbers, reel numbers, timecode, etc etc.

more to do means more to forget, fuck up your shot, and have to fix in post.

Comment Re:Well, yea? (Score 1) 79

cinematographers like it choppy.

change it and the film changes.

not saying it's good, just that frame-rates aren't everything to consider in a movie, as you're not whipping your virtual head all over the place. a camera isn't the same as a player's head in an FPS, and there's a whole language of how to move that camera around and how best to point it at things (and how to cast light on that thing in the best way possible to produce a certain effect).

besides, most of post is editing. something george lucas is quite familiar with given how many times he's revisited his little trilogy. editing will not go away until we get one-take actors (and more importantly one-take directors!).

*disclaimer - i work in post, but mercifully not VFX.

Comment Re:Austrailians as stupid as Americans? (Score 2) 343

not entirely. the flow on of preferences is fiendishly complicated, even if you only vote above the line.

the below-the-line votes haven't even been counted yet. in my state there were 97 boxes that you had to put a number in. one number wrong and the vote doesn't count.

add to that the fact that most people still don't know how preferential voting works.

tl;dr: i drew a 4 foot long dick on my senate ballot, after meticulously numbering 97 candidates in ascending order of my hatred of the candidate.

non-australians: our Liberal party is basically the opposite of liberal.

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