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Comment The Dreamcast effect (Score 1) 403

Easy piracy killed the sales of hardcore games, that's why. MadWorld, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and others undersold after riding waves of pre-release excitement. Casual buyers didn't employ USB drives full of ripped games. Call it the Dreamcast effect.

Comment "Nav" controller confirmed semi-unnecessary (Score 3, Informative) 145

Reps from Zipper Interactive confirmed to me that the standard, Sixaxis controller can be used instead of the new "Nav" controller. The Nav replicates the left side of Sixaxis, anyway -- two shoulder buttons, one joystick, and simple gyroscope/motion sensing. Nav also has the face buttons, but so does the Move Wand, so those are a bit superfluous. If you want to save $30 on games that support the Nav, it's an option.


Submission + - Time Warner Cable to Pay $20k to Agree with them. (stopthecap.com)

An anonymous reader writes: If you didn't think that the evil cable company's annual rate hike was bad enough, just look at where the money is going. Apparently Time Warner Cable is seeking to pay a $20,000.00 stipend to scholars from non-profit or academic institutions if they write an essay on research that supports their agenda. Then these "independent findings" will be used by TWC's lobbyist in Washington to push their agenda.

Submission + - Gates and MS: Not Eye-to-Eye on CO2 Impact (publicola.net)

Sam Machkovech writes: "Bill Gates' speech at last week's TED Conference centered on "moving to zero-carbon energy, and our need to reduce CO2 emissions 80% by 2050." His choice of subject was an abrupt turn from The Gates Foundation's typical humanitarian topics, but he insisted that energy innovation is as crucial to his Foundation's goals. A move by Microsoft today proves that Gates' old company has less interest in that carbon-neutral goal, as MS has begun rallying against a bridge redesign that would result in more bus and transit options for commuters between Seattle and the company's homebase of Redmond, WA."

Dinosaurs Could Hold Basketballs, But Not Dribble 73

Gre7g writes "Long before the invention of the photocopier, mud was the ideal way to preserve an image of your butt. 'We got lucky with this one [sitting] on a slope,' which brought its hands closer to the ground, said study author Andrew Milner of the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm. Full disclosure: My wife did the artistic reconstruction."

Comment We get it's a 366 days issue. Begs the question. (Score 3, Interesting) 785

The big question is, why the hell does an MP3 player care about the days of the year? For some, it's as simple as having date/time info on the player, but let's not forget, the Zune is also packed with new DRM to ensure people do not abuse the Zune Pass (flat monthly fee introduced in November for unlimited tunes and some TV shows). DRM, again, is epic fail.

Huh. Microsoft has some cool new thing they want ready by the holidays. They rush it, there's a tiny bug, and it costs the company zillions in $ and PR headaches. Familiar, much?


Submission + - Blogger Blocks Legitimate Sites in Hunt for Spam (bigdlittled.com)

Sam Machkovech writes: "Last week, a few of my favorite blogs were frozen without weekend updates. The sites were still online, though, so this wasn't a server freeze; rather, this was a result of Blogger's anti-spam robots tagging legitimate sites and locking their webmasters out. Though I only noticed this on two blogs over the weekend (music site We Shot JR and photography site The Online Photographer), I can't imagine this is an isolated incident, and the sort of sudden blocks reported on both sites seem out of line with Blogger's stated policy of warnings. From We Shot JR: 'This apparently happens to dozens of legit blogs every single day, and once a blog is locked for spam, Blogger insists that you wait for up to a week or longer in order for a human being to actually go to your blog and confirm that it isn't spam...I know, bitching about a free service is kind of stupid, but Google certainly isn't running Blogger out of the kindness of their hearts, and this 'guilty unless proven innocent' approach to security seems to go right along with Google's happy new partnership with the Chinese government. Get in where you fit in, I suppose.'"

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