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Comment Re:Facial Recognition... (Score 2) 114

Not gonna happen. They are also incorporating wireless charging. Wireless charging (a) takes a lot of space (relative to a phone) and (b) increases the heat of a battery requiring either a much slower charge or a smaller battery design. So either all of this happens and you are getting a microprocessor with the same speed as an iPhone 7 (think Kaby Lake for phones) or you are not getting all these fancy bells and whistles until the iPhone 8s


Comment Re:Download movies (Score 1) 56

Lets think critcally about this statement a bit. 160 seats, and each one wants to download a movie. A screen is 480p, so we need to have bandwidth for 160 devices to download a 480p movies at any given time. Not all 160 seats are watching movie. And you think it will lag and buffer?

Comment Re:strange mentality of buyers (Score 1) 292

I think you are missing the anecdotal story's point. Even your post proves it. People love the operating system and will suffer hardware aneurysms just to get to that coveted OS. iPhone SE for you or the latest model iPhone 8 (in OP's story) to fix the problems but give you the OS. You suffer through a lack of features on your air to continue using OSX. OP and others don't want to switch to the Samsung or HTC lineup because HTC/Android is not as unified as iOS. You don't want to switch to Mint or Windows because they are not as polished as OS X.

I have even dumped my favorite KDE based distro because it just lacks the refinement that every closed-source desktop has provided.

Comment Re:Like it would have mattered (Score 3, Interesting) 176

you underestimate the free or low cost tenant agreements mobile providers are given by the universities. on my little podunk state-funded school, we had 8 base stations per building to ensure sufficient coverage. they would provide additional mobile base stations for larger activities such as graduation. you know the one commonality all these devices shared? a fiber connection back to a switch in a room they controlled and an rj45 that came out which we gladly provided free bandwidth on our (then) internet2 backhaul. 2 hops and they were directly on the federal and education funded backbone (of the time).

this was over 10 years ago. i'm pretty sure they (the mobile carriers) can handle the large^H^H^H^H^H relatively small gathering of people using data.


Comment Bait and switch? (Score 1, Interesting) 50

How are we ignoring the blatent false advertising. They had to have made fiscal projections which show its a money loser over the long term. This was entirely a marketing campaign for Amazon to hook more users onto its service and they should be. I'm so mad that I want to spend my money somewhere else, but it would appear amazon has a monopoly in this online retail market.


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