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Comment From the other side... (Score 1) 735

I've been in situations where I've been on the other side of the table to this, and lost developers 'cos they got a better offer. I've been as mad as hell about it, not because they've walked, but because I took my eye off the ball for long enough for the problem to develop...the irritation was with myself, not the guy walking. As it happens, the one guy I lost that I _really_ didn't want to was back 12 months later - when he and I finally worked out the issues that he'd been suffering in the first place.

The first thing I would do is wander into your boss' office, shut the door and have an off-the-record conversation with him/her. Explain the issues and tell them why you're considering moving and what needs to change. Be careful to phrase this as a "We have a problem, how can we work to solve it?" conversation rather than a "I'm leaving unless you fix these problems" conversation otherwise it sounds like blackmail. The fact is, you do feel some loyalty and obligation to your company and/or give that some rope and see what happens.

If the company you're working for has any sense and if you're any cop (and your boss is worth his salt), then they'll find a way to work with you to make you comfortable to stay. If not, or if you don't feel you even have the kind of relationship where you can have that closed door chat, then walk, you're losing nothing.

Note that opinions and attitudes to work vary widely across the world; you'll hear the mercenary "Do what's best for your money" at one extreme and the "Stay, it can't be that bad" at the other. The fact is that you have to do what's right for you, but you should always be able to look your ex-colleagues and bosses in the eye when you meet them in the pub later...

Quite happy to chat further on this if its useful, but /. open forum isn't the right place.

Comment Re:Tek 1012B (Score 1) 337

I second the DS1052E. It's a great little scope and it's got nice measuring facilities, fft (not so interesting if you're doing digital, I guess) and a fair bit of USB connectivity which I haven't explored in enough depth. That includes the ability to dump screens to a memory stick or print them via PictBridge. It also seems to have decent support communities around it. Having grown up on TEK I don't find it at all constraining - hell, if you don't like it, sell it on eBay for more or less what you paid for it.


Comment FDM... (Score 1) 129

The article is unclear, probably 'cos the journalist was. By 'colour coding' I'm pretty sure they mean Frequency Division Multiplexing which allows multiple wavelengths to be used on the same fibre. Obviously, since these are optical systems, this effectively means different colours (although often outside the range of human sight, and I don't advise you looking down one!) which is the way practitioners typically talk about it.

FDM has been in use for a long time as a way of hugely expanding the capacity of existing fibre infrastructure and became possible once we'd got light sources which could be tuned for a specific frequency.

Comment This is what you get.... (Score 4, Insightful) 787

....for carrying out questionable science.

The effect of the recent IPCC Glacier mis-statements and the University of East Anglia 'mistakes' is to give people who would 'like it to not be so' to have a grain of sand around which to crystallize.

I make no claim as to if climate change is upon us or not, but it is ESSENTIAL that the science is revisited and made rock solid (or completely disproven) the meantime we have to progress on a path of caution -- which effectively means continuing to reduce carbon emissions IN CASE they are causing the problem...putting our collective fingers in our ears and singing la-lala-la isn't going to solve anything.

Jeez, politicians have enough difficulty making sensible decisions already, we're not exactly helping by not giving them accurate information on which to make those decisions, are we???

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