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Journal Journal: shit

I was going to write an entry containing 5000 times the word shit (Spider Jerusalem I miss you) but then I realized I was going to fuck up the whole journal, so I posted it as anonymous coward... then I found out the system won't let me do that, shit, looks like I got a D note. Well I'm pissed off expecially because this probably means First Minister Berlusconi is likely to be re-elected here in italy to, in a couple of years. Btw americans you suck. You are nothing more than a bunch of supid bastards who just re-elected one of the most stupid of presidents in your fucking history. I hate you! Home come you are so fucking stupid to realize that invading iraq like you did is asking for more 9/11s!!! And no, I do not think you were fooled (like the poor Michael Moore tells you in his movie), I think you are too fucking stupid to care to think about the concequencies of what your leader is doing in your name.
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Journal Journal: frodo baggings

exactly, I met frodo today. Actually he was a she, sitting on the table next to me in my college cafe. Everybody agreed she e was frodo but nobody dared asking...
Btw I got mod points i feel so proud!!!

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Journal Journal: uptime girl

ok just another meaningless entry.
I should be studying and I'm not. I promised my sister to take her to Luccacomix and its going to rain the whole weekend.
What else?
Do not bother trying to understand the journal topic, its just nonsense.

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Journal Journal: What if...

what if I started my /. journal, just to spend more time, here on some pc in my campus library instead of studying...
Looks like a great idea, lets do it!
BTW my karma is positive, I'm happy.

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