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Comment Changing my stance on term limits.. (Score 2) 141

I usually say that term limits are a dumb idea. That facing the public every 4 or 6 years was enough to keep pol's honest. That forcing them out would mean they would sell us out to the highest bidder to keep up the lifestyle of money and power.. But now, after seeing power grab after power grab, I think that they should be forced to be "regular" citizens again and to have to live under these new rules like the rest of us. Would that be enough to slow some of this shit down? I'm just so pissed at the balls they have and the disregard for freedom, and there is no end in sight.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 67

I recently downloaded the latest Chrome OS, which they're now calling Cr OS, and it's a remix of OpenSuse that opens up to a custom home page in Chrome by default. I'd say it already is "the inevitable Linux install".

Comment It's just a way of getting around other laws (Score 2) 363

They are barred by law from asking your age, marital status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.. When they look at your FB they can get all of that info without having to ask. Do we know if there have been any successful discrimination suits resulting from this? Like from a gay dude or someone who's old but doesn't look it, who was denied work even though they are qualified and have good references, or anything like that?

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