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Comment Re:Not entirely true (Score 1) 314

It's corporate America. Every large company has a clause to fire someone for doing some stupid act that no one agrees with. This shouldn't shock you and this document is nothing more than a SOP that is turned into click bait by main stream media. I don't like Verizon, but it's not like Verizon is on a witch hunt firing hundreds of techs for fixing something.

Comment Re:Not entirely true (Score 1) 314

1) Determine if customer is pre-qualified
2) Determine if customer is actually qualified
3) Migrate to VoiceLink if they are qualified

From Verizon:
"Verizon said it does not use VoiceLink when a customer has alarms or other systems that depend on a wired phone connection."

That means they are disqualified if they have alarms or other systems, thus copper gets repaired.

"failure to follow this directive may result in disciplinary action...". It does NOT say "failure to migrate the customer may result in disciplinary action". All it says is failure to follow this SOP (again, not migrate) will have disciplinary action.

Comment Re:Not entirely true (Score 1) 314

Re-read the article.

First the customer has to be pre-qualified, which means ONLY phone over copper. Then they have to have wireless coverage. Then they have to go through a qualifying checklist, which includes determining if the customer has any disqualifying requirements (fax, medical, etc).

The disciplinary action is not failing to move the customer, but failing to follow a company SOP....nothing new. The SOP does cover when they should repair, and when they should migrate. I fail to see how this is earth shattering news.

A non-FIOS eligible customer which ONLY has phone over copper and has ZERO needs for a traditional copper phone (fax, medical, alarm, etc) is likely far and few between.

Comment Re:Teamviewer... euh, why would you use that? (Score 2) 124

Having used both, and WebEx, and Skype For Business, WebEx wins. WebEx has multiple methods to get the app running, most not requiring admin rights.

Click the "join" button, enter any required info and click the share button. I don't know why so many people have a problem with those simple tasks. It's the SHARE the middle of the screen....jumping out at you....just click it!!!!!

Comment Re:Are we supposed to be more concerned? (Score 1) 83

Fish & Wildlife/DNR makes sense. Most of the time its one person in a remote area which is both taking care of the area and also enforcing law. Furthermore given the environment, protection is needed from the very resources they are protecting. It makes perfect sense to have them armed and empowered.

As for most of the others, I agree they should leverage the FBI or other proper enforcement agencies.

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