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Comment Re:Filtering software is too hard to install? (Score 1) 459

Nanny's are a sickening trend?
Playschool is a sickening trend?
Babysitters are a sickening trend?
Boarding schools are sickening trends?

You, sir, are easily sickened.

I think you are in danger of over-simplifying things in order to make an ill-justified point.

I went to a boarding school - but as a day pupil. I was at school (in England) with children who had been sent away to boarding school at the age of 4. From Singapore/Hong Kong/Thailand/Nigeria/etc. They didn't even see their families during the school holidays - they stayed with people in England. What sort of way is that to bring up a child?

Do you really think using a nanny is the best way to bring up a child? I accept that many people have no alternative - but is it honestly the best way of going about things?

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