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Comment Re:The equipment isn't the story (Score 1) 316

Most of the time it's not about the equipment, so long as the story being covered is well lit and within 50 feet, a decent photographer can get a good newspaper worthy image. But as lighting gets worse or things get further away, a dedicated camera and pro photographer is invaluable. What this also increases the skills reporters must bring to the job, good reporters must now be able to interview people, write stories, and take good pictures to record the events. What I find a little crazy is that they just axed photographers without giving them a chance to become reporters also. Often, I pay more attention to the pictures than the story which is often filled with sparse and often incorrect details. A person who can take great pictures and is even a mediocre writer could easily be a better journalist than the reporter who takes poor pictures.

Comment Re:About "market share" (Score 4, Insightful) 228

Walk into any office of any reasonably sized company. Count the number of Macs. Now count the number of PCs. In my company for example the only Macs I see are when people bring their own.

No doubt. But there are more Macs as a percentage this year than there were last year, iPads have replaced increasing numbers of PCs this year. When you lose ground every year for 2-3 years you aren't winning. Computers installed in people's offices are little comfort to Dell and HP as they try and figure out how to explain to their shareholders exactly why their sales are into double digit declines and share value yet again.

.. a shift in consumer preferences could completely trash Apple's bottom line.

The oft repeated mantra which has been proved wrong for every year over the past 10+ years.

Comment Re:About "market share" (Score 3, Insightful) 228

"Chances are that your company will buy Windows PCs because this platform is winning the PC war. "

Traditional PC sales have dropped in real terms for 9 consecutive quarters and the most recent quarter was the deepest yet. The iMac has grown market share and actual units shipped over that same time period. Apple introduced the iPad shipped 120 million units at an average selling price of just a touch over the ASP of Windows PCs. Apple's profits on just the Mac and iPad exceed the profits of all Windows PC makers combined (Though I'm not sure Microsoft themselves).

What exactly is your definition of "winning the PC war"?

Comment Re:Summary (Score 1) 117

iOS 6 has a do not disturb function similar to what you suggest. (I'm sure it'll be available on Android soon enough) Phillips released an app that is location aware and turns on your lightbulb in your house based on your location. No programming required.

Comment Loaded terms... (Score 1) 318

If the server ran ActiveScript or Flash, I could see getting excited, but it's just minified javascript. This is the problem, were Stallman to describe minified code to most people they wouldn't see the 'evil' in it. So he invented a new phrase to try and make the rest of the planet see things the way he does.

Comment It's not proprietary (Score 1) 318

What Stallman and the FSF are complaining about is bone standard ECMAscript, nothing proprietary about it. Minification is done by web administrators to conserve bandwidth and make their pages load faster. Stallman deliberately used a loaded term to paint this like it's worse than it is. If he'd just come out and said "People need to use more readable javascript" he'd look like an idiot So he fudged things a bit, coined a new phrase which if you read it literally doesn't make sense, then wrote a big essay about it. What's next, is he going to ban PERL because no-one can read it? Is everyone going to be required to use Python because it's the most readable language?

Comment Google Indexing (Score 1) 775

Google has expanded from indexing existing information to indexing people. The more you share with Google, the more value you bring to Google in terms of creating marketing value. They can sell more and more targeted advertising based on where you go, who you are with, what stores you frequent, what hobbies you have, how you travel, how much time you spend in specific places, etc. Google Glass is the ultimate extension of that strategy. I would be far more interested in buying a product like this from a company that makes money selling products as opposed to a company focused on extruding as much information from me in order to resell it.

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